Although mobile phone spy technology may seem like a Draconian step when it comes to monitoring a child or loved one, it is simply a modern necessity.  Because without using tools like Android or iPhone Spy Apps, how else could any parent possibly safeguard their children against the many threats they face nowadays such as Cyber bullies, predators, etc?  The simple truth is that without utilizing technology like mobile phone spy software, parents don’t have the time or resources necessary to properly screen friends, keep track of location, etc.  In fact, here are three reasons why any parent should seriously consider investing in leading edge applications like Android or iPhone spy apps for monitoring their children:

  1. Mobile Phone Spy Technology Circumvents Tech-Savvy Children

When it comes to “Tech IQ”, most parents can’t hold a candle to most children which is why you need iPhone spy apps and similar applications to “level the playing field”.  It’s nothing for children to hide contact information, delete incoming or outgoing call details, etc—unless their phone is being monitored with a decent version of mobile phone spy software.  In particular, make sure you install programs with surveillance tools that include:

  • Call Details
  • Contact Details
  • Reverse Phone Look-Up

Most of the higher-end systems like Android or iPhone spy apps include these tools and are the perfect tool for levelling the playing field with tech-savvy children.

     2.  Mobile Phone Spy Software Lets You Finally See What Child is Doing on their Cell Phone

With the right apps and phone, children can pretty much use their smart phones in much the same way previous generations might have used a desktop or laptop computer.  Simply put:  You need powerful tools like BlackBerry or iPhone spy apps to truly monitor all activities on today’s advanced smart phones.  Ideally, only install mobile phone spy software made with these features:

  • Call Recording
  • Internet Browsing Log
  • Video, Text, and Picture Log
  • Spy Mode (lets you listen live to cell phone surroundings)

     3.  Never Settle for a “Missed Call” Again when You Install Mobile Phone Spy Software

Wouldn’t you love to know just exactly where your child is when you call them and they don’t answer?  Well if you install iPhone spy apps or similar tools with Location Monitoring on their phone, you’ll be able to zero-in on your child’s location and see exactly where they are at any given time.  And if you don’t feel like checking your child’s location every time they leave your sight, just be sure to install mobile phone spy software that includes Location History that reveals everywhere the phone has been since installation.