Did I mention that I wanted to have hobbies because I felt I needed to incorporate some me time into my life?  That almost everything I did was for someone else?  Well it would appear that at least initially, my hobbies are a hit not just with myself, but also with my kids!

Green Fingers Everywhere

My gardening hobby has been met with complete enthusiasm from the entire household.  Hubby of course is overjoyed that revamping the garden isn’t falling on his shoulders.  The kids however are falling over themselves trying to help.  I did manage to get a plan and layout done by myself, but the trip to the garden center was a family affair.

Taking a leaf from some garden books (pun absolutely intended) I watched where the sun hit the garden and at what time of day.  With this knowledge we now know where to plant seeds.  The kids and I planted out a small fruit and veggie garden with some carrots, potatoes, and strawberries.  I know it’s not very ambitious, but it’s a start right?  At the bottom of the yard I’m creating a flower garden.  I’m hoping that there will be color all year around down there, at least if the things grow in the months that the packets say they will.  I’m sharing the fruit and vegetable patch with the kids because I’m hoping it will encourage them to eat more veggies if they have grown them themselves, but the flower garden is all mine.  I’m even contemplating the idea of creating a small meditation area down there.

There’s a Music Gene

Although the gardening has created material for my scrapbooking hobby, it’s the piano playing that has made the most impact on the house.  I hadn’t really thought about it but perhaps music is something that’s passed on in the genes.  Despite my own love of music, it isn’t something that I had really thought to encourage with the kids, well not above the usual age appropriate songs or singing along with the radio.  It turns out that without my help, my kids both have a good appreciation for music, and not just because I’m the one playing it.

Piano playing, as I’ve said in other posts, was something that always helped my spiritual well-being.  I stopped playing once my first baby was born because I didn’t want to risk waking him up from a nap – and if he wasn’t asleep, then there wasn’t time for piano playing.  Not playing the piano became a habit.  I was scared to return to the piano because I was afraid of not being able to hit the right notes anymore.  I now know that I wasted a lot of time because it doesn’t matter if I hit a few odd chords, who cares?  What’s important is that I’m playing.  What’s even more thrilling – well OK, almost as thrilling – is how much the kids appreciate the music.

Mistake Corrected

Both of the kids enjoy sitting and listening to me play, but they are very active listeners and tap their feet along with the rhythm of the piece.  That surprised me.  Some of the pieces I play are complicated and have time changes in the different sections, but the kids quickly adjust their foot tapping so that they are almost always keeping in time with the music.  I love the quote from Friedrich Nietzsche, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”  Having ignored music in my life for so long has been a mistake, but now it’s back and I’ve discovered that my kids are musically minded – and that delights me!

Initially I was going to lock the piano lid down when I wasn’t using it.  My thought was that this is “my thing”.  The little ones have shown so much enthusiasm to learn to play piano that I’ve had to lock it open instead (put some secure fasteners on the lid so that it can’t fall on their fingers while they play.  It’s a good job it’s not an expensive piano!  There is plenty of easy to learn piano music so I’ll be able to teach them some simple tunes that will keep them motivated to learn.

My hobbies are still about my creating “me time”, but what I’m discovering is that sharing my interests with my kids is showing me different aspects of their individual personalities, and that’s just as fulfilling as exploring my hobbies on my own.