Let’s face it, we’ve all dreamed of being cartoon characters at some point in our childhood. Whether we’ve imagined ourselves saving the planet from bad guys or cleaning up crime in the city, the influence of comic books and TV animation has been a powerful one. Like many others, I’ve often fantasized about owning one of the iconic cars of the past. Here are some of my favourites.

The Bulletproof Bomb

Being a fan of old gangster movies, I suppose it’s inevitable that I’d want to own a 1920s sedan like the one used by the Ant Hill Mob in the TV show Wacky Races. The seven small hoodlums always made a big impression, and for me a victory for their number 7 car was always a cause for celebration. They were especially fast when they used Getaway Power, which basically involved seven pairs of feet propelling the car past the chequered flag. Out of all of the others on the list, this is the one I would like through my vehicle leasing company.

The Batmobile

Although the Batmobile itself has had many incarnations in comics, TV shows and movies, it has remained a classic vehicle which has proved invaluable in the fight against crime in Gotham City. For me, I just love the fact that the car’s kept in a secret cave. I would happily own the scruffiest, most inept car on the planet if I could keep it in a cave, especially if the cave contained whirring computer reels with flashing lights. I have no idea what they ever did, but they sure looked good.


Perhaps the last word in style and security, the pink Rolls-Royce owned by the sophisticated Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward was a sight to behold whenever Thunderbirds was on TV. Modified by the technical wizardry of Brains, it was piloted by the ever faithful Parker. The car could also be adapted for immediate use on water and snow (obviously) and had secret artillery power, smokescreen dispensers and even grappling hooks. What more could you possibly want from a car?

Lightning McQueen

A choice for younger readers perhaps, because Lightning first appeared in the Pixar movie Cars in 2006. A generic race car with a happy smiling face on the front, he was voiced by well-known actor Owen Wilson. En route to a race, he managed to destroy the main road in Radiator Springs. His adventures delighted both young and old fans alike in the film, which spawned a sequel in 2011.

What car do you remember from this list?