Creating a blog for your business can be an effective online PR tool. It allows you to communicate with your audience directly, portraying your brand personality in a way you deem suitable. This personification makes the business accessible and therefore trustworthy. However, if managed inappropriately or irregularly then a blog can be equally as damaging to a business.

It is therefore important, when constructing your online PR campaign, that you consider whether you can maintain a blog. Below are some tips on how to use a blog to the advantage of your business:

Make it personal -Do not use your blog for press releases. This will ruin the personal touch it has when communicating with customers. You will lack trustworthiness.

Accessibility– Have your blog on your own domain to establish your identity. If you keep a blog on WordPress or Tumblr you will not be as easily found or recognised as a business. Within your blogs construct social media links so people can share your post on Twitter and Facebook.

Regularity– Post regularly. Successful blogs update at least twice a week with fresh insightful posts.

Content – Ensure that the topic of the blog is something you are interested in and enjoy writing about; this will ensure that you keep it up. To keep it personal write about things that are happening within your company but also within the industry as well.

Become an influencer- Become an expert in the topic you are writing about and your blog will become a one-stop-shop for news in your sector.

If you adhere to the pointers above, then a blog can be highly beneficial to your online PR campaign. It allows clients and shareholders to see your company directly, on a personal level. If in doubt seek the advice of public relations firms who help provide specialize help and advice in this and many other areas.