A birthday for a child has historically been a special occasion, with many children enjoying a party to mark their special day. A new innovation for children of all ages and fitness is to enjoy a children’s dance party. Children who do not enjoy sport but have lots of energy (particularly boys), may be new to this idea of dance as fun. The boys may enjoy a street dance themed party or bollywood kids party, both of which have been very popular over the last year or so.

Children’s dancing parties are very much ‘of the moment’ as dance has increased in the public eye so much recently. Not only is dance an enjoyable form of exercise but it improves flexibility, muscle tone and general feelings of well being, and is something to be encouraged in times of obesity in children. Dance parties for children are great for a small or large groups, all
group sizes and all age ranges can be catered for. The children would have a chance to add their own ideas and own choreography which they always thrive on doing. All the ideas are then put together to produce a routine which is performed to parents invited along at the end of the party. This focuses on children’s confidence, team building skills and listening/learning abilities. They are shown a new skill and asked to develop it, before performing this skill to an audience.

All the children enjoy dressing up and using some props for their theme which could be anything from High School Musical to Fame to Bollywood to Break dancing. Any child or the parent with a particular theme or favourite pop star in mind can discuss this with the dance instructor prior to the party so that suitable music can be found, and the party themed to the child’s taste.

Of course children’s parties come in many different forms and may not be for a birthday. During the summer holidays it would be a nice activity for any weather and something which may not have been previously thought of. A dance session is the ideal opportunity for a child new to an area to meet others in a sociable group. If a child has yet to make friends, perhaps having just moved to a new district, they will soon be bonding over the music and dance moves of the favourite pop star in a dance workshop. Not only do the children interact together to make a positive outcome to their activity, but they also get a chance to introduce their own individuality. Many children have found a sense of rhythm that they had previously been unaware of as they do not usually dance, as well as the body confidence and self esteem which goes hand in hand with dance.