While you may spend more time at home in your bedroom than anywhere else, you are asleep for most of those hours. Therefore if you are going to put some serious time and money into a redesign, that’s probably not the room for it. Many people focus on the kitchen, as that offers tons of opportunities to create resale value. But the savvy home re-modeler will always look at the bathroom first. A good bathroom can make the difference between a sale or more weeks or months spent on the market. And upgrades to your bathrooms will make just as large an impact on the quality of your life as upgrades to the kitchen. While this is all well and good, you want to certainly make sure your money is going into the right things. So consider these five tips to help set your bathroom apart from the rest.

One of the best elements you can address in a remodel of your bathroom is the lighting. Lighting makes all the difference in the look and feel of a bathroom. Harsh fluorescents make everyone look sickly, and can change the color of the room. Lighting that is natural, that highlights the beautiful details of the room will make it a space you’ll want to spend time in. If you’re spending the money on a lavish bathtub or expanded shower, it is more than worth it to finish off the look with proper lighting.

Speaking of tubs and showers, these are another great candidate for where to spend your money and creative energy. If you want your bathroom to feel like an escape from the day, a place to go to relax and de-stress, consider putting in a large, spa-like tub. This luxurious addition always looks good during a sale, and you’ll love the quality of life upgrade. If you don’t have room for a tub and a shower, consider skipping the tub and focusing on an improved shower experience. Most tubs are used only infrequently anyway, so go with a larger shower that has several heads and even a place to sit. This is another spa feature that will really make a bathroom stand out.

Next, consider some accents you can add to the look of the bathroom that will give it an impressive, classy vibe. These can be decorative glass panes, tile or stone accents or even marble flooring. Heated flooring is another standout upgrade that won’t impact the visual appeal but will certainly make a significant difference in winter months. Overall, look for opportunities to add some flash to the visuals without sacrificing timelessness.

Next, turn your attention to the fixtures. If you only have a limited budget for a bathroom remodel, this may actually be the place to start. Modern fixtures will change the entire feel of the room. Upgraded fixtures and a fresh paint job may actually be all it takes to get that ‘wow factor’ you are looking for in the end.

Finally, consider the impact of environmental sustainability. Installing low pressure bath and sink fixtures will give you the great feeling of doing something good for the planet, while also helping you save money each month on your water bill. Look for toilet alternatives as well, such as the modern designs you’ll find on a site like upflushtoilet.com, that save water while also modernizing the overall look of the space. Green initiatives in your bathroom can be either fast and cheap or expensive, long-term solutions, but they will always set your bathroom apart from the rest.