Mobile technology is one of the fastest growing industries today. Tablet devices will overtake laptops as the primary computing device at some point in the near future, and far more than half the population of the United States currently has a smartphone. These little geniuses can be used to do almost anything, and it is up to the app developer to best harness that portable computing power. Apps are what made the iPhone so popular. With apps you can navigate around your city, book a flight, plan a weekend away, play complex video games, paint a masterpiece or do pretty much anything else you can imagine. And if you can imagine it, you can design it. Here are a couple steps to help you create an iPhone app that will sell in Apple’s store.

First off, take the time to define the app from top to bottom. Before any app developer worth his salt sits down to code, he first comes up with a complete bible for his new product. You must know in complete detail why you want to build this app. That means defining what it is, who would use it, how it will work, what it will do that no other app does, who will design in and when it will be ready to launch. That’s an awful lot of time and effort, but before you spend countless dollars on programming you must accomplish this step.

Once you have that pitch created in full detail, it is time to build the app out. But before you actually program it, you should design it on paper. Employ an artist if you have to, but lay out every single page, menu bar and button the app will employ. Detail how each button will work, what pages it will send you to, and the choices available to the user at each step. Whether you design the app yourself or hire someone else to do it, you have to have this step-by-step guide. It’s basically taking all of the data you lay out in the app bible and showing how it actually comes together to build the app itself.

If you are like most aspiring app-builders, you’ve got a great idea but no real way to make it happen. So instead of heading to school to learn how to program, you’ll have to hire a development team. You’ve already done all of the design work, so now you’ll work as the project manager, supervising a team of tech experts that can implement all of your ideas. Make sure you interview several design teams, and try to work with people that come personally recommended. Try out a couple of apps that they have created to see how they look and feel, and determine if there is a stylistic match between your idea and their execution. You should ask for a quote on their time and payment requirements, and also get their pitch for any potential changes. After all, they may bring a unique new twist to your app bible that could put it over the time. Just make sure each development team signs a non-disclosure agreement before you give them all of the details. If it’s a good idea, there’s a chance someone will try to steal it.

Once the app is complete and it’s been tested to your satisfaction, it is time to launch it in the Apple store. Apple keeps around 33% of the price, so make sure you come up with a number that’s sufficient for a profit but not so high that it will turn off prospective buyers. Submit the app to Apple’s quality control process and then keep your fingers crossed. If it passes and enters the Apple store, make sure you are ready to launch some sort of marketing campaign. There are more than a quarter million apps out there, and you’ll have to do something special to make any noise. The case mate iPhone 5 didn’t sell well just because of its design, for example. They found a way to separate their product from the pack, and you’ll have to do the same if you want your app to have a long life.