Your new business is off to a great start, but to keep it going strong you’re going to need a website. With so many web-hosting sites available now, how do you know which one is right for you? Read the five tips listed below to help you find a host for the best deal, and to help you find a web hosting company that can help you get started if this is your first time making a website!

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Web Hosting Site for Your New Business

Decide What You Want From Your Website

A personal website will have very different requirements than if you’re making a professional website. If you’re writing blogs, travel sites or websites intended for friends and family then you can possibly get away with a free web host. However, if your intention is to create a site that will help your business make money, then you’re going to have to spend a bit of cash for proper web hosting and a decent design or template. Paying a webhost a small monthly fee ensures that your website will be free of advertisements and you’ll have more freedom with its design.

Make Sure the Site Will Teach You What You Don’t Know

If website making isn’t your forte, then be sure you choose a host that will guide you through the process and teach you what you need to know. If you’re going to need assistant with creating your website, make sure the host offers site builders or “cPanel” which will help you set up your site in only a few clicks. Alternatively, hosts with tech support will also be able to assist you. Sites like take the burden out of sorting through the best web hosting companies and offer tips on how to find the best ones, so be sure to leverage their expertise.

Test Their Speed and Tech Support System

If you’re going to rely on tech support, be sure to test the host’s tech support system before signing on with them. Call in and have some questions prepared. This way you’ll be able to see how their response time is, and whether you’re satisfied with their answers to your questions. Just as testing the tech support system is important, so is testing the speed of the host’s sites. If the sites take a long time to load, then you’re going to want to look into choosing an alternative web host.

Leave Room for Growth

Don’t create your site thinking it will remain this way; good websites will change, update and grow as your business grows. Therefore, be sure you purchase a plan that will give you the freedom to make changes. That being said, lots of web-hosting sites will offer you plans with far too much RAM. Don’t be fooled by the advertisement of huge package deals. If a host offers you 25GB of disk space, know that most business websites use only 1% of that. Most business websites don’t need more than 50MB of RAM, and if you’re a small business you could even consider shared hosting as the cheaper option.

Don’t Fall Into Annual Billing Traps!

If your concern is finding a decent price but it’s your first time starting out online – don’t fall into the yearly trap. Choose a host that will allow you to pay month by month. This will give you more flexibility to change hosts if you are dissatisfied with your initial host, and will also ensure you aren’t paying for hosting that you don’t end up using nine months down the road.

Choosing to create a website for your new business is a great idea. It will support your business and provide the public with easy access to your business. However, be sure to follow these tips to choose a host that will not only provide you with the support you need to create a site, but is also a great deal.