Buying furniture for your home is a tricky ordeal. On one hand, you want to make a good investment. These are things that will be with you for several years, that will determine the look and feel of your home. You really want the best when shopping for furniture, and it’s no easy matter to find it. On the other hand, finances are probably tight, especially if you’ve just purchased a home or moved into a new house. You may simply not have much available funding to devote to your furnishings. Consider these 5 tips for saving money on furniture without sacrificing quality.

  1. Buy Wholesale
    Look for a wholesale furniture dealer in your area. These places allow you to buy the same furniture you’ll see in the most expensive stores without the hefty price tag. You may be buying furniture with slight blemishes or defects, but these are often so insignificant as to be unnoticeable. Expensive furniture companies have very high standards for quality control, which is part of the reason they’re so expensive. They have more furniture that comes out of the factory below standard, and it is often sold off at wholesale price in order to recoup losses. You can take advantage of this.
  2. Check the Classifieds
    Leafing through the newspaper is one way to do this, but in the information age, you can find some great local deals on furniture using the internet. Many people sell their furniture locally using websites like Craigslist and you can often find great deals on like-new furniture if you have the patience.
  3. Buy Second-Hand
    If nothing in the local ads catches your eye, there are still plenty of other places to find great deals. Local thrift stores often have a wide array of interesting antique furniture at incredibly low prices. Often, these stores have furniture pieces in better shape than you’d expect. You should also check out flea markets and swap meets. The vendors at these markets have things you won’t find anywhere else, and they’re always ready to haggle.
  4. Do Your Own Finishing
    Buying unfinished furniture can lead to great savings on things like bookshelves, dressers, and armoires. There are often whole stores devoted to unfinished furniture, and they’re savings are unbeatable. Plus, while you will have to put in a little more work, you can stain or paint these pieces any way you like, giving you more freedom to mix and match in your rooms. This is a great way to save money while personalizing your home.
  5. Shop Online
    There are always discounts available from online retailers for the savvy shopper. Websites like SofasandSectionals offer great discounts regularly. One of the greatest things about shopping for furniture online is that the shipping costs rarely go any higher than what you’d pay for local delivery. Plus, the selections are practically unbeatable. You’ll find pieces on the web that you’d never see in the furniture stores. Buying locally is great, but look into the virtual market as well. It could really pay off.