Many people feel that CD recordings and digital downloads are not as good as the old-fashioned ones that used to come on those vinyl platters you’d find in every music store around the world. Back in the day there were lots of record shops found in just about every city in the world, and they were a good place for music lovers to while away the hours as they shuffled through bins filled with recordings. Better still, used record shops were also quite popular in many cities, especially those that had high college and university student populations.

Much like another vanishing retail species, the bookshop, record stores often had a specialty that would attract a certain segment of the population. Fans of a particular style of music, be it opera, jazz, rock or country, knew where the hottest records shops were located, and they would often congregate there to buy records, or just socialize with others who like the same sort of music that they did.

The Rise Of Digital Music

With the rise of the digitally formatted sound recording, and then the Internet the days of the neighborhood record store were numbered. Once music was transformed into a digital format, and a means of transporting the music became ubiquitous – the Internet – it wasn’t long before engineers developed compression technologies that allowed the average user to compress an entire album’s worth of music and post it on a public server where other could download it, and have a free copy of just about any music on the planet.

Despite the digital revolution and its impact on the record industry, the demand for vinyl record albums is returning at an increasingly fast pace. Perhaps music lovers have finally gotten over their flirtation with digitally formatted music, and have concluded that music on vinyl sounds better than do CDs or digital downloads.

Used Recording Shops And Vinyl Albums

Shops that specialize in used recording are once again stocking vinyl albums, but the vinyl recordings are oftentimes newly pressed versions of albums that had originally been released on vinyl years ago, were later released on CD, and perhaps made available on digital download, and are again making their appearance on the market as vinyl platters. If such an album was released at a certain time in music history you can also expect that the same record may have also been released on cassette or eight-track tape, as well.

Fans of certain musical acts might want to own recordings in all available formats, if  that singer or band happens to be a particular favorite. Perhaps you’ll want to own some Radiohead vinyl albums, and keep copies o the same titles on CD and in digital format for your MP3 music player, as well.

Whichever format you choose, you’ll likely still enjoy hearing your favorite music on vinyl – why not go and buy a turntable today?

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