It might seem like a great deal of extra effort, but shopping for an entire family actually opens up a lot of doors for easy, effective savings. It’s easy to run up a huge bill when you’re dealing with a large group of people, no matter what it is you’re paying for. But with a family, there are certain things you can be doing to make your lifestyle as frugal as can be. When things run more efficiently and you live more sustainable, everybody’s happy. We’re going to talk about a few easy and simple strategies that will teach you how to do exactly those things, without really tweaking too much about the way you already live your life.

For one thing, if you’ve got a large family and aren’t buying your groceries in bulk, you’ve just corrected your biggest mistake. Congratulations! Buying in bulk is the magic bullet for expensive trips to the grocery store. If you can join a bulk grocery store club (like Costco, for example) then you’ll likely be amazed at the incredible amounts of money you save when you buy your food in bulk. It lasts you longer, you get more of it, and it’s far less expensive. Everybody wins. A key strategy to shopping for things like goods is buying them in bigger quantities. Remember: the less packaging, the less it costs.

Take to the Internet for your frugal shopping solutions; it’ll become your very best friend. It’s surprisingly easy to find ways to live more frugally online, from coupons, to physical location sales, to incredibly cheap goods that you can simply order. The Internet is a treasure trove of savings, and there are more than enough ways to save money for those willing to look.

The true secret to frugal and sustainable family shopping, however, is to go local. Every city or town has a farmer’s market, and if yours doesn’t then there’s more than likely to be one very close by. If you live in a larger city or more metropolitan area, you might be lucky enough to have several farmers’ markets to choose from, and if this is the case you’re in serious luck. The farmer’s market is an incredibly easy way to score high-quality, organically-grown produce at a fraction of what you’ll pay buying fruits and vegetables that have been shipped in from giant farms to your local chain grocery store.

Frugal shopping is a lot easier than it might sound, and websites like are around to help make it even more simple. Whether you’re buying for a family or six or just you, your partner, and a child — buying in bulk helps you save serious money. All you need is to know where to look and what resources to use, and you’ll see that it’s never been easier to spend less money on the things that you and your family truly need.