Auto repairs are as much as hassle as they are simply a part of life. There are two different ways to talk care of your car maintenance, however, and the level of stress you experience along with it typically depends upon which method you choose. You can opt to perform your car repairs preventatively, and keep up on your maintenance, or you can repair your car when it demands to be repaired. In other words, you can actually get that engine checked when the light comes on, or leave it until you wind up stranded on your way to work. They’re never fun, but car repairs don’t have to be as painful as they can be. We’ll take a look at some of the most common repairs your car will need, and how you can avoid having them turn into serious problems.

Light replacement is probably the most common type of repair your car will need. While things like oil changes happen a lot more frequently, these activities are more along the lines of what would be described as maintenance. When something goes wrong and must be fixed, we’ll call it a repair. Light bulbs have a lifespan, and there’s no two ways around it. The lights on your cars will burn out, and you can get a ticket if you don’t fix them promptly. If an officer notices a light is out, you’ll get a ticket requiring that you fix it before he gives you a fine — but if you don’t correct it quickly enough you could wind up having to pay. When you replace one light bulb, replace its counterpart. If a brake light is out, replace the other one so you can keep both bulbs on a similar schedule.

Tires will also need to be repaired or replaced fairly frequently. If they’re not picking up special treats and surprises for you along the roadway, they’re just wearing down after so much effort towards getting you where you need to go. Rotate your tires often and make sure you get new ones as soon as you notice the tread on your current tires starting to wear down. Most states have laws requiring a certain amount of tread on your tires, so if you let them get too worn down you could be facing a penalty in addition to the unsafe car you’re already driving.

Cracked windshields are another pain, but can sometimes be an unavoidable part of driving. Whether you’re driving in a big city or a small town, debris can get kicked up and into your windshield, resulting in a nasty crack that needs immediate replacing. Like your brake lights, a cracked windshield can result in getting pulled over and being given a ticket. It might set you back a couple hundred dollars, but replacing your cracked windshield as early as possible is the best bet. If the crack’s small, then you should take care of it especially quickly. Cracks that are shorter than the length of a dollar bill can usually be spot-repaired by a windshield professional right in your driveway. You want to take care of these immediately, though, because if you don’t they will get bigger.

Not all auto repair services are costly and expensive, but some of them can become serious problems if you leave them unattended. By focusing on some of the most common car repairs, you can make sure you avoid a costly situation that has you missing work or late to school, to boot.