When it comes to home d├ęcor, many of us flounder with finding a cohesive sense of style. Although we are naturally drawn to certain colors, patterns, textures, and design styles, it can be difficult to pull it all together to create a unified look. But even beyond the outward appearance of our interior spaces, most of us want to create a home that has a certain feeling. And while the aesthetic you’re going for may include words like timeless, classic, beautiful, and modern, the truth is that you want to walk in the door after a hard day of work and feel like you’ve come home. You want your house to embody more than a fashionable style; you also want it to be comfortable, welcoming, and serene. And you want to be able to relax and forget your cares when you’re at home. But it takes more than cushy couches and peaceful pastels to make it happen. You need to target your other senses as well if you want to achieve total relaxation. Adding a water feature can greatly enhance this ideal.

But how do you go about selecting the right water feature for your interior? In truth, there are a couple of guidelines you’ll probably want to adhere to. The first thing to consider is the size of the piece you want to incorporate into your home, and it should sync up with the space you have available. So if you live in an apartment the size of a shoebox, you might to opt for a small, tabletop unit instead of installing a floor-to-ceiling drip system. But if you happen to have a rather large house that features an open floor plan, an architectural water wall that acts as the focus of an entire room could be in the cards; it just depends on your available space and the scope of the project you’re willing to undertake.

Of course, price will no doubt play a role, as well. And while many homeowners can easily create their own setup with a simple pool and pump system (most components can be purchased at the average hardware store) and then get crafty with the concealing aspects of the piece (tiered bowls, a rustic slab of stone, etc.), most people would rather purchase a ready-made water feature and have a professional install it. As the size and scope of the water feature increase, so will the price, so keep that in mind when you start shopping.

Another thing to consider is the placement of your feature. If you want it on a ground floor you can probably get away with a significant volume of water in a central basin or pool. But those who want to add water features to upper floors should opt for indoor wall fountains on a smaller scale or units that are meant to go on tables. This will help to avoid problems that could be caused by leakage or the weight of the water feature itself. And finally, don’t forget that you’re going to have to listen to this thing burbling, gurgling, or dripping all the time. It behooves you, therefor, to consider the type of sound that you find appealing so you can select a setup that provides for a soothing atmosphere.