Candidates For Neck Lifts

Necklift Surgery Before and After

Image: Copyright Dr George Marcells

How does a person know if when to get to have a neck lift surgery? There are lots of factors to check and know about before going under the knife. Age, weight loss, sun exposure and stress are some of the main causes of horizontal bands and the so called “turkey neck”. Some people may ask if having a neck lift  or a neck liposuction is the best options for such conditions. Both are good options , a platymaplasty can help prevent horizontal and muscle bands from showing prematurely. A person having the turkey waddle neck, excess skin with sagging and an unhealthy look; excessive fatty tissues within the neck area and people with double chins are the best candidates for cosmetic neck surgery. A certified and experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon will have the final say if a person is fit for surgery or not.  But this kind of thing rarely happens since a patient’s general health will be checked.

Types Of Neck Lift Surgery

  • Platysmaplasty  – this procedure is the most common and it’s the traditional surgical procedure. This technique is used for turkey waddle neck issues. It takes about 2-3 hours for the job unless there is a more complicated issue or another cosmetic procedure is needed to complete the job.
  • Cervicoplasty – this procedure deals with the issues regarding excess skin in the neck region due to weight loss or aging. This type of neck surgery is similar to platysmaplasty. Small incisions are made under the chin and behind the ears.
  • Neck liposuction – this works when a patient needs to remove excess fat in the neck region. Neck liposuction will help the neck look leaner and better. People having double chins and fatty neck will benefit on this procedure.

Choosing The Right Surgeon

Treatment of the neck and in some cases, the lower face will differ for each patient. The procedure should be individualized to match the patient’s aesthetic need. The neck lift surgeon will examine and assess how the area or unit of the face will affect the patient’s overall appearance. A surgical plan then is made which will address the patients’ expectations , needs and concerns. There are infinite information about cosmetic and plastic surgery online. Some of it is helpful and some are just trash. Most patients learn about treatment options and procedures using the computer. They make a couple of appointments with different surgeons and from these consultations, decide on the right surgeon. Some already have a particular surgeon in mind which are recommended by satisfied patients, friends, family and the reputation of the surgeon. When choosing a  surgeon, it is very important to select who is certified by a board based on the specialization. Be careful with physicians with no residency training in plastic surgery and no certification from the national board. If all the inquiries, questions and options are explained in detail and without hesitation by the surgeon, then it is a good indication of a good plastic surgeon. The surgeon should an aesthetic sensibility that can match the patient’s aesthetic goals.