There is no definite method by which you can ensure the credibility or legitimacy of the online sites that offer surveys for money. But it pays to be a little cautious and keep your eyes open to be able see any sign that might point out that a certain site is fraudulent in nature and carrying out a scam.

Points to look out for in surveys for money

There are some definite tell-tale signs that can enable you to claim with certainty that a particular site is fraudulent in nature. Some of them are listed below.

  • Fraudulent websites will always ask for an upfront amount under the disguise of registration or membership fees.
  • They might ask you to furnish your personal bank account details and would not be ready to pay through the secure means of transactions such as PayPal, Moneybookers, etc.
  • They will not activate your membership for 2-3 weeks citing security and verification reasons, which are actually absolutely bogus. They do that just to buy more time in order to fool more people and rob them off.
  • They aren’t listed at this page which regularly updates the best survey websites:

So, look out for these factors, and undertake proper research on the survey sites before you opt for online surveys for money.

Online surveys for money scams have become very common indeed. This can be attributed to the pervasiveness of the digital revolution in our lives. Internet has started controlling our lives. There is zillions bytes of worth data floating around in web space and it has become very easy to misuse this data due to the lack of security.

The reasons for the prevalence of online surveys for money scams

The modulus operandi of such scams is as follows:

  • They are able to attract na├»ve people by luring them with money for taking these surveys.
  • Once the people have fallen for the bait, these fraudsters ask for the bank details or PAN Card Details of these people.
  • Once they have these details with them, it is easy for them to take the help of professional hackers and loot the hard earned money of people.
  • Some online surveys for money scams also operate via a scheme in which the fraudsters use the money of one member to pay off their earlier promised dues.

Human beings are inherently lazy and greedy by nature. The lure of earning easy money is too tempting for people to forgo. This is exactly the reason why online surveys for money scams have become so prevalent in society.