More and more Americans are becoming green conscious.  It used to be that only a handful of people were Eco-friendly.  Now being environmentally conscious has become a widely accepted kind of lifestyle. Americans are placing more emphasis on saving energy, reducing their carbon footprint, and eating organic.  With this shift in lifestyles, we’re finding that major American cities are embodying the green outlook of its citizens.

In the past few years, scientists have mapped out the greenest cities in America.  The survey was conducted by the U.S Census and the National Geographic Society’s Green guide to measure a cities overall score on recycling, ease of green living, means of travel, and use of power.  The survey measured how much renewable energy a city used, how readily public transportation is used, how many public or private buildings are green spaces, and how often the community recycles.  The results were as followed:

1. Portland, Oregon

If you have seen the recent IFC show, Portlandia, you will know why Portland is considered to be the perfect prototype for green living. The city has an abundance of Portland tree service, public parks and overall greenery.  In addition, Portland ‘s use of renewable energy accounts for around half of all energy uses.  Everyone in the community is very eco-friendly in their everyday routine activities.  Approximately 25% of Portlanders engage in public transportation, biking, or carpooling.  Portlanders are also very involved in organic farming and organic produce.  They have a strong community who support local farming and local products, which is not only great for the environment, but great for Portland’s economy.

2. San Francisco, California

San Francisco has the best of both worlds.  It has the appeal of a big city but functions like a well-oiled lean mean green machine.  The city itself has the highest rating for using solar energy.  San Francisco has always considered to be very forward in cultural movements.  They’ve taken the same open cultural movements into green living.  Artists in San Francisco have incorporated recycling in their everyday lives by incorporating recycled items in their artwork.  San Francisco is a great influential player of all the green cities.

3. Boston, Massachusetts

The city of Boston is one of the most beautiful cities adorned with lush trees.  Boston’s main focus is using plants and wildlife to promote living green.  In fact they have been working on engineering a plant that turn 50,000 tons of leaves into reusable energy or fertilizer.  They are one of America’s leading cities when it comes to using renewable compost.

4. Oakland, California

Oakland is most known for having the cleanest tap water in the US.  That alone speaks volumes for their overall irrigation system.  In addition, most Oaklanders carry on lifestyle where they value organic farming and locally grown produce.  It also prides itself in having the oldest wildlife shelter for animals and plants alike.

5. Eugene, Oregon

Not many of you have probably heard of this quirky city in Oregon, but for those of you who have, there is a reason why Eugene is called the Emerald City.  It has actually been one of the earliest green cities in the US.  You can tell by the abundance of greenery, beautiful neighborhoods lined with trees, and overall scenery that Eugene is green conscious.  It has won the award for having most sustainable public transit system with their hybrid transit.  Most of the streets in Eugene are constructed for bikers and other forms of Eco-friendly traveling.

Author loves to blog about topics relating to green living.  The writer currently works for Portland tree removal service.  In her free time she loves discovering new Eco DIY projects, reading up on organic and local produce, and supporting local farms and artisans. how to backup iphone to icloud .