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Imagine a place where wildlife can wander the land freely. Fenceless and boundless,where security against poachers is a top priority and a vast species of mammals, birds and reptiles are seen. These best describes South Africa’s oldest private game reserve – Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

With a size of about 153,000 acres and shares a 31.25 miles of unfenced land with Kruger National Park, this place is home to various wildlife treasures of South Africa. The reserve takes pride in offering excellent game viewing experience of the Big Five animals whole year round. Guests will have the amazing experience of having a very close encounter with Africa’s most thrilling wildlife species such as the lions, buffalos, rhinoceros, leopards and elephants.

This trip is done with guests riding an open mobile vehicle with capacities from 6 to 12 passengers. They are accompanied by expert rangers and trackers providing accurate information of the tour. Wildlife viewing in Sabi Sand offers the best quality in viewing leopards – the most elusive of all big game animals. Other wild species such as cheetahs, giraffes, zebras and antelopes are also found while roaming this vast area.

About 110 reptile, 330 tree, 45 fish and 145 mammal species are accounted for in Sabi Sand. The starts early morning as soon as the sun rises. Well experienced rangers and insightful trackers search the animals by their scent and tracks signs of their activities.

As the heat of the day starts to subside, the nocturnal animals become more active as they prepare for a great hunt. As darkness falls, the open safari vehicle adventure continues with the help of spotlights for a better view of the animal activities. The vehicle cautiously roams around the area while guests have a chance to take pictures up close with the wild animals.

Who wouldn’t be thrilled upon seeing these wild yet amazing species that we only get to see in zoos, books and movies? This once of a lifetime opportunity is not only for adventure seekers, but nonetheless for everyone who are curious about these animals’ natural wild behavior.

Sabi Sand Game Reserve has numerous accommodations to choose from. Not only will you get your adventure of a lifetime, you get to have a relaxing vacation as well. Various lodges are open to visitors craving for a taste of wildlife. Kirkman’s Kamp is known for its Transvaal aura, with around 18 guest suites that overlook the Sand River, and is surely the right place for people who want the colonial style atmosphere.

You can spend a quiet and splendid solitude in the deeply atmospheric Dulini Lodge. Nestled on the banks of Mabrak River, with six stone cottages built among the trees, this haven is most suited for those who want some tranquil rest after a long day of adventure.

Exeter River Lodge lives up to its name, for this place is located where each room offers an awesome view of the water and all the wild animals that it attracts.

Private Paradise, this is what they call the Leadwood Lodge because it only has four air conditioned rooms that are distanced from one other. This place is most suited for families or group of friends who want their vacation as private as possible.