Pot painting is now a great hobby for all those who like designing and painting. As the name suggests, one will paint pots and vases to make them even more beautiful and attractive. Right now, a lot of individuals are drawn into this activity for a wide variety of reasons:

Pot Painting is Simple

Pot painting is a simple kind of art. As you progress, you will learn more designs and even get to create masterpieces within ten minutes. Though there are classes where you can learn how to paint modern designs and even classic art, you can discover all the ways through practicing and just painting what you like best.

Pot Painting is Fun

Pot painting is absolutely fun as there is no pressure to make your pots look good. Through simple paintings and drawings, the vase can turn into a colorful and striking piece of art. Starting with blending with colors and using special ceramic techniques for your pots, you can produce a wonderful pot painting design.

Pot Painting Enhances Creativity

It does not matter if you have been painting all your life or you are just starting to venture into this activity. The advantage here is that your imagination becomes more vivid as you mix colors, paint on vases, pots and cups and you get to show your work to your friends. They can provide you with feedback as to how you can improve on your pot painting. Aside from that, there are tons of resources where you can take a look at how experts create their stunning pot painting methods.

Image via potdoodling.co.uk

Pot Painting is Suitable for Any Age

Pot painting is becoming a sensation because it is perfect even for children. S a matter of fact, during birthdays, pot painting is included in many activities at parties. Children usually draw and paint their pots and this is a great activity which can hone their imagination and vision. Skill level is not important as well; beginners are always welcome to try pot painting.

Pot Painting is an Inexpensive Hobby

Unlike other types of painting, you do not need fancy materials to perform pot painting. Brushes, vases, pots, glitters, paints and stencils are the basic ones that you need. In fact, you can only use three of these: your pot, paint and brush. You can start immediately; the image options are endless.

Pot painting is not only a hobby. As you become better, you can even sell your work and make income through this enjoyable activity.