Toddlers love toy trains. This is because wooden toy trains in particular are small enough for toddlers to handle and manipulate easily. However, like any other toy there are risks that parents need to minimize so that their toddler can enjoy their wooden toy train play time.

Safety Tip #1 – Safe Surfaces

One of the risks associated with toddlers playing with wooden toy trains is that they are tripping hazards. Toddlers often play with these toys on the floor and leave them lying around. Toy trains that are placed on the floor can cause a toddler to trip and fall, or to injure themselves by stepping on them or falling on them. An easy way to mitigate (reduce) this hazard is to provide your toddler with an elevated play space. A toy train table is the perfect option as it not only keeps toy trains off the floor, but it also gives the toddler a flat smooth surface to push their trains on.

Safety Tip #2 – Safe Table Designs

A toy train table is a great piece of furniture to have. However, if your table has sharp corners and edges it can lead to injuries. The best way to deal with these sharp/hard edges is to round off all corners and edges on the table. If you are purchasing a toy train table then just look for a model that has rounded corners and edges, however, if you already have a toy train table that has sharp edges then get out a sander and run them along the edges. Work the table until the edges are smooth and rounded. Then prime and paint.

Safety Tip #3 – Keep Your Toy Trains Clean

Toddlers often chew on their wooden toy trains so you want to keep them clean. A simple way to keep them sanitary is to wipe them down after each play session with a damp cloth dipped in slightly soapy water. Then dry the train before putting it away. You can also use a non-toxic antibiotic cleansing wipe.

Safety Tip #4 – Repair Damage

Broken piece, loose wheels and cracked wood all can lead to injuries and health concerns. It is because of this that it is important to monitor the condition of your toddler’s toy trains and to repair or remove trains that are damaged.

Safety Tip #5 – Teach Toddler to Pick Up Toys

The final safety tip is to teach your toddler to always put their trains and accessories away when they are done playing with them. Provide a little basket for these toys. This will allow you to keep floors clear and to protect the condition of your toy trains.

Building your own toy train table with these sturdy table plans will ensure safety and durability. You can also find educational toys at the The Toy Train Store here…