While a healthy diet is the best way to ensure good health, many people are using drug supplements to help with issues of health. This includes taking a drug to keep cholesterol low, but a doctor should always be involved when making this decision.
While all drugs vary in effectiveness, cost, and side effects, the constant is they should consult with a doctor before deciding which is best for them. One of the constant comparisons in cholesterol lowering drugs is Lovastatin vs Lipitor.


Cost is one of the first things that people consider when they are choosing which drug they will choose for themselves. Lipitor costs much more than Lovastatin. Of course, there are things to consider when considering the price, and this includes the sort of insurance you carry, and how your policy is set up. Lipitor can cost as much as one dollar per pill, sometimes even more. Lovastatin is available in a generic form, and for that reason the cost can be as little as ten to twenty dollars for a prescription that will last three months.


There are good qualities to both drugs, but Lipitor is regarded as the one that makes the most drastic reductions to your cholesterol level. It also is able to do so in small amounts for most patients, while Lovastatin is not as effective. In fact, while as little an amount as 10mg is all that is needed with Lipitol, Lovastatin can require much more while still not being as effective. Often, a patient will need as much as 40mg of Lovastatin to do what the much lower dose in Lipitor does.


Atrvastatin is the key ingredient in the Lipitor pill. It reduces a coenzyme that is the main reason you produce extra LDL cholesterol. Lovastatin, is more of an ingredient itself, rather than a product, and it is derived from Asperigillus Terreus, which is a microorganism.

Side Effects

Side effects and their severity differ from person to person, and depend upon how much of the drug the person takes. The most common side effects in Lipitor have been nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, a sore throat and runny nose, and pain in the joints. These can range from mild to extreme. The most severe effects will include hives, difficulty urinating, and a yellowing of the skin.

Lovastatin also has some of these side effects, and includes possible fever, a tightening of the chest muscles, and bladder pain, although diarrhea is not among its side effects.


These drugs are each unique in their own way, but the less you need to take of a drug, the better. Many people find that the higher cost of Lipitor is offset by the smaller doses they need. Smaller doses also cause fewer side effects. For most people, they choose the better known Lipitor. However, there are many people who find they garner all the benefits they need from Lovastatin.

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