When writing an employment verification letter, you need to make sure it is effective and professional looking. There are a few notes that you should take to guarantee that the employment verification letter that you will produce will provide help for your previous employee:

• You are not required to provide base pay information unless the insurance company, bank, landlord or another firm is requesting for it. In most cases though, if you are writing the employment verification letter for your former employee applying for a new job, it is not advised to let the other company know how much his or her salary was.

• If the particular employee is no longer with your company, make sure the employment verification letter shows just that. You can provide when he/she started and when his/her job ended along with the position he occupied.

• It is wise not to include any personal information such as the address, employee ID number and phone number unless he or she requests you to do so.

• The employment verification letter should also be devoid of the reason why that former employee is no longer with you. It does not matter if he or she has been terminated in good or bad terms. If the employee requests that you include this piece of information, you can consult the HR department. You may need to use correct terminologies otherwise you will be entangled legally. Although the chances that a lawsuit will ensue because you have written wrong terminologies are basically small, it is always best to protect yourself against such possibility.

• When it comes to the basics, you should know that an employment verification letter uses company letterhead. You should also be aware of the fact that it should be in a standard business letter format.

• To address the person you will be sending the letter to, make sure that you use Mr. or Mrs. If you are not sure about the gender, ask the employee for confirmation or you can simply write the full name of the contact person.

• It is good practice to include the subject of the letter.

• Now, when writing the first line, ensure that the reader will immediately find the name of the employee, his job title and the date when he started working for your company.

With all the points given above, you will surely be able to create a valuable employment verification letter.