With so much talk about global warming, recycling, and overflowing landfills, it seems like most people are thinking about going green and for good reason. A green lifestyle has many benefits, such as helping the environment, saving money, and being healthier yourself. Believe it or not, making your workplace environmentally friendly can also improve staff productivity.

Employees Feel Involved

If you allow your employees to get involved in making the workplace and the business greener, then they will feel more involved and the workplace will feel more like a community. The employees will feel like they have a say when it comes to what goes on in their workplace, which will cause them to feel more positive feelings while working.

Obviously, people who don’t feel to good about where they are will not complete as much work as they could. Positive feelings will help the employees be more productive. You want your employees to feel like they are a part of a community, which will motivate them.

Healthier Workplace

According to many studies, environmentally friendly workplaces tend to be much safer and healthier for employees. A healthier work environment means less employees getting sick or getting injured on the job. The safer and healthier your workplace is, the less people that will take time off from work. When less people call in sick, more work will get down, which will maximize the company’s profits. As a bonus, you’ll be able to worry less about lawsuits due to injuries on the job.

If you choose to monitor the air quality of your workplace, you can help eliminate any headaches, migraines, and fatigue experienced by your employees.

Please the Staff

If you allow your staff to work at home to cut down on parking and gas costs, your employees will be much happier. When your staff are generally feeling happy, they work harder. Also, some people work better in the comfortableness of their home, so they may be way more productive by telecommuting.

Attract Good Employees

Having a reputation as an excellent green firm can be great way to attract potential employees. If you take good care of the environment, then it can be generally assumed that you treat your employees very well, too. A green firm can attract people with some of the best credentials, which will help you get above the competition. Also, generally, those with good credentials are more productive than those who do not have good credentials.

Internet Fax

Instead of sending letters, you should allow your employees to take advantage of internet fax. Not only is it faster, but it is also more convenient. By allowing your employees to use internet fax, you can increase productivity substantially.

Plants for Productivity

Dr. Roger S. Ulrich of Texas A&M University did studies that showed that plants were capable of significantly lowering the stress of employees while boosting productivity. Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University was also able to confirm these results.

According to Dr. Lohr’s study, employees who worked in an environment with plants were 12 percent less stressed and more productive than employees who simply worked in an environment with no plants.

Due to the plants in your workplace, instead of throwing away waste water down the sink or decomposable food into the trash can, you can water the plants with the waste water and make mulch with the decomposable food.

As you can see, going green won’t only help just the environment or your wallet, but it will also help your employees and improve your business substantially. Fortunately, going green isn’t too hard, especially with the aid of your employees. You can easily help your employees out when it comes to productivity by making the workplace healthier, allowing employees to telecommute, and by decorating your workplace with many plants.

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