Light Painting or Light Doodling or Light Graffiti is a technique in photography wherein the results are created by moving lights. There are tons of light painting tools that you can use; practically anything can be used as a tool in order to create a photo. Here are some of the most common tools that are being used by both beginners and expert photographers:

1. Cable Release – Also known as shutter release, this can be added to your light painting tools. There are cable releases that are controlled by the computer while others are controlled through a simple button. This gives you a more price control on the images that you project while you do your Light Graffiti.

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2. Camera – Camera is the first thing you need in your light painting tools. You should find one that has manual controls or at least have one that allows you to adjust the shutter speed. Digital cameras are more used than film cameras because photographers can instantly check the result.

3. Fireworks – For a dramatic effect, fireworks should be added to your light painting tools. There are different types of fireworks that you can work with including fountains, sparklers and many others.

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4. Electroluminescent Wire – This is similar to neon but is more versatile and flexible because of its wire-like features. You can use this as one of your light painting tools to achieve a smoky or foggy look on your photos.

5. Strobes and Flashes – Try freezing motion with flashes and strobes or you can use them to introduce color into your photo. There are different sizes and strengths for them but the first thing that you should look for when shopping for them is the recycle time.

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6. Glow sticks – These are either LED or chemical. The latter is disposable and is made for one usage and with an even light. LED glow sticks on the other hand are brighter at the ends and they give off more light.

7. Gels – These are flexible sheets of polyester or polycarbonate and are used as light painting tools to create specific colors when light is shined through them.

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8. Light sabers – These re great light painting tools that can color scenes, create shapes and designs for your photographic technique.

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9. Lasers – These can be expensive but they have effective results to create drama into your picture. Be careful though in using them as they should never be pointed directly towards a person’s eyes.

10. Poi Balls – These have been used as light painting tools for many years now. You can set them on fire to give your photo more life and intricate designs and patterns.

With these light painting tools, you will definitely obtain high quality, fun and attractive photos.