Boots are some of the manliest shoe options around, and it’s no surprise. There are different kinds of boots for just about any manly activity, whether it’s riding a motorcycle, riding a horse, being a cowboy, looking casual, or doing business. These activities and more all have a specific type of boot that’s best suited to it, and if you’re getting ready to dive into the wonderful world of boots, then there are a few things you’ll need to know about fit and style. Paying attention to these simple ideas will help make your boot-shopping trips take about half the time, and will guarantee that your choices are the most stylish and best-suited to your task at hand. Whether you spend the day roping horses in the field or snagging clients in the boardroom, there’s a boot that will fit your needs. The right kind of boot can give you a serious advantage in terms of your look and feel.

If you’re in the market for a good work boot, you’ll want something rugged and sturdy that can meet your needs without wearing down anytime soon. This kind of boot should be something of an investment. If your boots are used for work, then it’s a good bet that they get their fair share of rough treatment, so you’ll want something that can absolutely handle whatever your chosen profession can possibly dish out. You should look for a thick and sturdy sole, and make sure these shoes are nice and wide so you have a sturdy stance with a solid base of support. You also want these shoes to fit you well because a loose work boot is a terrible thing to have to deal with during your day.

For the business kind of work, you might want to consider an ankle boot or something with a much more narrow foot profile. This will help you stay stylish, and the right boot will be durable and sturdy so you can make sure your feet feel good at the end of the day. It’s always important, of course, to avoid going too narrow, or else your boots won’t be comfortable at all. In fact, it’s unlikely that you can resolve the problem of a too-narrow boot, no matter how much you try to work at breaking it in. Socks will also help you achieve the right fit, and even though you might be a classy guy doing very classy things on a day-to-day basis, dress socks aren’t always a good choice for boots. In fact, they’re often a downright bad choice — athletic socks are usually a bit thicker and more absorbent, which is better for boot-wearing.

Whether you’re interested in steel toe cap boots or fine Italian leather, there is a great boot just waiting for you to pick it up. The right footwear can make any day better by helping you feel good and feel comfortable as you go about your business. With these strategies in mind, you can pick up the best boots available for what you need.