You’ve quietly chosen your favorite dress, considered floral arrangements and earmarked the perfect ceremony location. There’s just one problem: your boyfriend is showing no signs of popping the big question. Here are five ways to get him to propose to you.

Have an honest discussion about your long term goals

Oh yes, the dreaded “Talk.” However, if you are completely in the dark about your boyfriend’s intentions, there is only one way to truly get his thoughts on the subject of marriage. You may have already tried to surreptitiously get his opinion with little result – many women think they have been dropping obvious hints regarding marriage and that their man is simply ignoring them. The fact is, men don’t always read into small comments in the same way that women do, and he might just be blissfully unaware that you’re trying to pry any real information out of him.

The best way to approach this discussion is as casually as possible, while still being relatively clear about your intentions. Don’t set up an overly elaborate scenario that will set off his internal panic mode as soon as he realizes where the conversation is headed. Instead, look for a good opportunity to broach the subject, and let the conversation happen naturally. You don’t necessarily have to focus the discussion around marriage, but rather about your broader goals over the next ten years.
If you have been together for a significant period of time, it’s important that you both know where the other one stands. If you are certain that you want to be married one day, and he is vehemently against it, either one of you will have to compromise, or you may need to consider going your separate ways.


How to Get Him to Pop the Big Question

Don’t discuss marriage to death

While it is good to have a conversation about your mutual long-term relationship goals (or lack thereof), it’s not necessary to have the same conversation on a semi-regular basis. Nagging or consistently dropping obvious hints will only aggravate the both of you in the long run. Once you have a serious conversation about your relationship, give it a break, and then re-evaluate in a few months time if there have been no serious changes.

Let him take ownership of the moment

It may very well be that he already has his proposal planned, or at least roughly sketched out in his head. It’s easy to get impatient about getting engaged, especially if you have your own sort of internal deadline or have a lot of friends getting married.
Bear in mind, however, that it is his moment, too, and that adjusting to his timeline is just the first of many compromises that marriage necessitates. Pushing him to propose or delivering ultimatums may well have him questioning whether he should propose at all. By letting him take his time and propose on his terms, you’ll allow him to set up the moment and maintain the element of surprise.

Give him space

Giving him a little space (without resorting to immature antics that might damage your relationship) will keep him on his toes, and even let him see what life might be without you. Both men and women respect and desire a partner who holds a certain degree of independence. Spending time on your own and with friends will take your mind off of focusing so much on marriage, and allow time for inner reflection. Take the opportunity to treat yourself and do activities that you’ve been wanting to try, especially if your boyfriend has been reluctant to participate with you.

Take matters into your own hands

This is certainly the most risky proposition, but for some guys it may be your best option. If your man generally relies on you for planning and decision making, you might just have to grab the bull by the horns and start shopping for designer men’s gold rings on your own. You don’t necessarily have to propose to him, but you can purchase him a designer men’s gold ring to serve as a promise ring and let him know that you think he’s the one. When you’re shopping for designer men’s gold rings, make sure to pick out the band that suits him perfectly, preferably from a store that has a lenient return/exchange policy.

Most importantly, don’t forget to trust your gut. You know your boyfriend best – don’t let any false sense of deadlines cloud your judgment if you have faith in your relationship. Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, and there’s no need to rush it.

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