Spring fashion is so refreshing with the combinations of light fabric, soft colors, exotic flair, floral patterns and short hemlines. Famous designers have been preparing countless numbers clothes that will boost your wardrobe but these are the ones that stood the test of time:

Wedge espadrilles – These are classics that have come all the way from the Spanish culture. They surely never went out of style.

Shorts – Cargo shorts, denim, paper waist shorts, you name it. Spring fashion is all about those shorts and they will certainly never make you look outdated.

Cargo pants – Although spring fashion may be about shorter clothes, cargo pants are also a part of the spring collection. For the proper attire, make sure that you look for pants that are in beige, khaki or brown. Slimmer fit is best to show your feminine style but for your active days, go for the wider cargo pants.

Tunic shirts – These are worn with leggings or shorts. They are long and lightweight and must be in white so that your spring fashion look is in style at the moment.

White summer dress – White is great for spring so go for the basic white dress. Wear your cute sandals and carry your leather mini purse too.

Sunglasses – These are a must when you go out in the warm weather. Choose from the glamorous over-sized pairs, hip wayfarers or the cute cat eyes, sunglasses are timeless.

Leather flat sandals – Spring fashion is not about being effervescent; it is actually being basic and simple. Wear your thong styled or gladiator sandals in beige, tan, white, brown or black and you will look smashing this spring.

Small leather purse – Do not go anywhere without your fashionable purse.

Skinny belts – Go for neutral colors for your belt. They can nip your waist or help make your big shirt look more fitted.

Silk – This is soft and sexy, just right for special occasions.

Linen – Short sun dresses and drawstring pants are in linen fabric.

Cream white lace – Tops made out of this fabric make a romantic look for spring fashion.

Florals – Such patterns represent feminism and softness. For a bolder look, go for really colorful floral patterns.

Stripes – These show up in spring fashion as well as in the summer. They are navy inspired and they never go out of style.

These spring fashion essentials will not make you look outdated; instead will help you achieve that dashing trendy style. Remember these spring fashion tips for they will be worth practice in Spring 2012, Spring 2013, Spring 2014 and so on.