I have, on many occasions had people ask why I am such a fan of alternative medicine. They wonder why I don’t just use the “proven” western medicine.


Well the truth is, I do use western medicine.

Some people prefer to go “all natural” in their treatments and others believe that alternative medicine is just a big sham. I have a very firm stance that we can all benefit from living by neither of these standards, and finding a good balance.

Many natural remedies date back to pre-history

There are herbs out there, especially in Asia, that have been documented for use since the written word. And you know damn well that they were around even before that. I refuse to believe that the health benefits of these remedies are completely false. There is no way they would have been able to stand that test of time! The problem is, especially here in America, we have an age old stigma against many natural cures. And these stigmas are encouraged by the good old F.D.A. What many people don’t understand, is that the F.D.A. is nothing but a big corrupt organization making HUGE profits on synthetic products with patents. You can’t throw a patent on Vitamin C anymore than you can throw a patent on a rock. So they want us to spend the big bucks on the pharmaceuticals instead.

There are some things that the drug companies just can’t do.

Let’s face it, we still haven’t found a cure for the common cold. The best thing “western medicine” has come up with to date is Sudafed, and all that does is treat the symptoms. Now, lately there is one product in particular that has been getting more and more popular as time goes by. Zicam. People swear by it. It works! It makes the cold go away faster!

Well, guess what?

Zicam is just another natural remedy with a brand name on it. The key ingredient? Zinc.

Horny Goat Weed helps to increase the male and female libido. Yeah, viagra helps a guy get it up, but what section of the store do you go to find a dietary supplement that is simply going to increase desire?

Folic Acid helps ensure that a fetus is able to grow properly. It is yet another “dietary supplement” found with the “The FDA has not evaluated these claims” stamped on the bottle. And another product you aren’t going to find in any other aisle of the store. Ironically, doctors will often go as far as writing a prescription for it.

Then there are things like caffeine. Yeah, it gives you a boost. But we all know about the caffeine jitters, or that awesome crash that inevitably comes later on. Oh, and don’t forget about the addiction, and the caffeine headaches. There are literally tons of alternative sources to get that boost without all the nasty side effects. The B-series of vitamins being the most popular.

So let’s face it, we’ve got to at least give in to some forms of alternative medicine, right? (And I haven’t even gotten into things like Tai Chi, acupuncture, and such)

So, it’s probably best to go all natural, right?

No Way! I’m sorry to you naturalists out there, but I have back problems. I’ve had ‘em since I was 7. And there is not a natural remedy out there that does the job a good dose of acetaminophen does on a regular basis. Not to mention some of the antibiotics that just can not be replaced…or the ever popular Vicodin!

While some people think alternative medicine is nothing but wives tales, there are plenty of people on the other end of the spectrum just as well. Some people absolutely refuse to use “drugs” of any sort. They aren’t natural, so they can’t be good for you. Hell, I was one of these people at one time.

Truth be told, yeah. A lot of these drugs have side effects. But let’s be honest, so do the natural ones. Let’s see you start taking huge doses of Vitamin A every day, and see what happens.

As a matter of fact, many of these western medications are just purified forms from a natural source. Aspirin for example, it’s just extract from a willow tree. Morphine is basically ultra-purified opium, which comes from a plant.

Life expectancy has almost doubled in the last 100 years

Can you guess why? Advances in western medicine. Period. It was this exact fact that got me out of my “Only Natural” phase and allowed myself to live on both sides.

This is an alternative health blog, so I know many people may expect me to push for going all natural all the time, and that a post that almost seems to defend western medicine is out of place. But I simply feel that too many people are simply holding themselves back by living on one side of the fence. And since the bigger picture of this blog is to promote health, I feel that I should convey this message, since it is something I believe wholeheartedly in.

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