Your wedding day is something that is specific to you and your partner and your collective wants and needs. The day is designed to be a reflection on your own personal styles and preferences, and it happens to be that one day where everything should look and be done according to how it is you want it to be. However, there are issues that arise in your wedding planning and coordination that, believe you me, have come up and been pondered over before. Here are some of the most commonly questions asked questions in wedding organization and the answers that come there with…

Bridesmaids and grooms:

Q: Should your brother’s girlfriend/finance be included in the wedding party?

A: The quick answer is of course, no. As so stated above, the wedding is done according to your own preferences, so if you are looking to have only your closest people around you, or even looking to keep costs lower, then the wedding party should only include whomever you want there. However, if the girlfriend/finance is a good friend then of course it is something to consider… just remember- your choice!

Q: Should there be children present at the wedding?

A: This issue is also specific to how old you/your friends are, what kind of a family you have and the size of your wedding. The bigger the wedding the easier it is for you to have children there, as more space means there are more provisions and more facilities for the children. Budget will also determine this factor- if you are paying full price for each child then it could become too costly to include everyone’s kid. If you have many family members traveling from afar then children have to be included in the equation some how. If you are looking to include children in the wedding somehow then it is best to negotiate a deal with the venue, and perhaps organize some kind of childcare facility on the side. Then is not a decision you should be bullied into so way up all the pro’s and con’s and costs before making your final decision.

Q: Because you are not paying for the wedding, do you and your finance get the final say?

A: This can cause a little heartache and argumentativeness between parents (those spending the cash) and their children (those using the cash). In a perfect world parents would want to give their children everything they want and children would take everything with graciousness and humility. The best way to get the best of the situation is to sit down as a unit of four and discuss everything before any plans fall into place- speak about budget, allow each party to specify their most fundamental wants in the wedding, then you can negotiate from this place and when the planning finally commences decisions have been agreed upon and there is no space for disagreement. This group discussion will also help identify who is wanting to be less involved in the planning and who wants to be more so- you will able to see who will be taking the organizational reigns and who will be taking a back seat.

A wedding takes a lot of time and planning, make sure that you address all the issues and take everything into account while you are doing so, it will make your life all the more easier if you are making decisions assertively and they are well thought. You will also ultimately end up with the day of your dreams.

Amy Foure uses her knowledge and previous experience as a wedding planner to write informative articles that help you plan your big day. She provides an array of tips from how to pick out your wedding dress to how to best use wedding favor boxes on your special day.