Even the best relationships have good days and bad days, but there’s a difference between the occasional squabble and a relationship that’s on its last legs. Knowing when it’s time to move on can save a lot of heartache. If you’re seeing the following trouble signs with worrying frequency, then maybe it’s best for both of you if you break up.

Everything is an Argument

Instead of her joking that your taste in unique menswear is more suitable for the circus than the night club, she moves straight to nagging you that it’s time to grow up, and saying outright that she’s ashamed to be seen with you. Where you once tried gentle suggestions about her ice-cream habit, you’ve moved on now to calling her a whale, and openly ogling other girls in front of her. The respect is gone, and you’ve forgotten what you like about each other. Why stay together if all you do is argue?

You Can’t See a Future Together

Even if marriage has never been on the table, it’s safe to assume that the early days of your relationship were filled with plans for the future. Whether that was just plans to see that big movie due out at the end of the year, or a pooled savings fund for a big holiday, you had long term plans to do stuff together. If, these days, you can’t even make arrangements to shop for Barbour clothes next Saturday, then that could be a sign that you have no future together.

You’d Rather Work

Do you remember the time when you’d take off a day’s holiday every time you had accrued one so that you could spend time with your girl? When was the last time that happened? If your boss is reminding you to hurry up and take your holidays before they expire, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship. Is spending time with your significant other so bad that you’d rather be in the office?

You’re Trying to Change Each Other

There was a time when your taste in unique menswear was charming to her. Now she wants to see you in a suit. You used to love her party-animal lifestyle, but now you want her to stop going to clubs every weekend. Compromising is a big part of any relationship, but if there are more things that you want to see changed than there are things you like, maybe you’re with the wrong person.

You are Going in Different Directions

She wants to settle down; you want to travel the world. She wants to start saving to have children, you want to start a new business. Sometimes, even the most compatible of people grow in different directions over time. If your life is leading down one path, and your partner is going down another, you’ll need to seriously reassess your relationship. Giving up a career dream isn’t the same as deciding not to shop for Barbour clothes this week because your girl wants to see a movie instead.

You don’t want to look back in ten year’s time and wonder what could have been. Sometimes, sacrificing a life goal for love is the right thing to do – but make sure your current partner really is the one before you do it.

Article written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Anna Davis, where you can shop for Barbour and other unique menswear.