Anyone with hardwood flooring, be that real wood and laminate, will testify that scuff marks are very common. These marks are almost constantly appearing and can be a real pain to remove. However with a little knowledge you can ensure that any furniture marks on your beloved flooring can be quickly and easily removed.

Try a rubber

The quickest and easiest way to remove a mark is to use a standard rubber. So hunt out one of your kids pencil cases and get your hands on the rubber. If this technique is going to work then you will know straight away. Press firmly and try and get rid of the mark, if you are lucky you should start to see the tell tale signs of the scuff being removed, little black rolls of rubber. You can buy special scuff mark rubber in stores but I wouldn’t bother shelling out the money on them if it is going to work then a normal rubber should be fine for the purpose.

Use another shoe

This may sound bonkers but if the rubber does not shift the full scuff mark then try a using a shoe. Say what, a shoe! Yes a shoe may have made the mark originally but using another shoe could get rid of the mark. The last thing you want to do hear is to add to the scuff mark so don’t’ put on a pair of shoes with a black sole. Instead, if you have a pair, look for white soled trainers. Something like a pair of Dunlop green flash tennis shoes are perfect. Then put your shoes on and try to scuff the scuff mark. A chance to get rid of some of your excess energy, then dance like a stuttering robot and give that mark plenty of attention.

Still got a mark left

Ok if you still not managed to get rid of that pesky scuff mark then it is time to bring out the big guns. This is a really expensive piece of equipment so you may have to consider whether the price is worth paying. I jest of course, and then next weapon in the war against scuff is a good old tennis ball. This inexpensive item can really help return your floor to a non scuffed state.

Firstly you will have to do something to the ball as simple rubbing the green fuzzy ball on the floor will have little or no effect. You will need more force to get the desired effect. So my advice is to get the ball and make a slit in the back of it with a Stanley knife. Then try and feed in a handle from something like a mop, broom, feather duster etc. This will enable you to excerpt far more pressure on the stain. So put your new invention on the floor, tennis ball first of course, and rub frantically.

If you are not having much luck with you brute force alone then you will need to add a little extra cleaning power to the mix.

I know two quick and easy cleaning solutions.

  1. Mix some water to some baking powder, just enough to make a paste.
  2. Spray oil (like bike chain oil or WD40)

The tactic is the same with both add to the scuff mark wait a little and then get the tennis ball contraption our and scrub.

These techniques should remove your stain; they have never failed for me. My laminate flooring is free from scuffs and long may it continue.

Colin McDonald is writing about laminate flooring and maintenance on behalf of Floors-2-Go