Writing a classified ad is not necessarily as simple as it may seem. There is an art to successful classified writing just the same as any other kind of writing. Those who write successful ads will meet their goals, whereas those who neglect proper writing technique will not get the results they’re looking for. Whether you are promoting a business, looking for new employees, or trying to sell an old car, you’re going to have to make creative use of a small batch of words in order to get a good response.

You want to write with a feeling of urgency when you are drafting a classified ad. The reader should understand that this offer won’t last forever, and they’ll need to act quickly in order to get it while it lasts. This will help to generate quicker responses, which in turn will get you the results you want in less time. If you’re selling an old car, for example, you don’t want to have it sitting around for any longer than necessary. You want it gone and you want the extra money in your pocket as soon as possible. Let your readers know.

Be as descriptive as possible in your writing. Whether you’re selling something, trying to fill a position in your company, or anything else, give all the relevant details up front. This will reduce the amount of throwaway responses in your inbox and voice-mail. You should also give enough contact information for your readers to get in touch easily. If you’re not comfortable giving out your phone number an email address will usually suffice, but providing the option of phone contact will give you more rapid responses.

If you’re trying to make a sale, price reasonably. An overpriced item will be largely ignored in the classifieds, as the shopper will be able to find something of equivalent value for less without much effort. Think about how much you would be willing to pay, disregarding any sentimental attachments. If your price is firm, let the readers know. If you can allow some flexibility in the price, let them know that you will field reasonable offers. Of course, beware of low-ballers. You don’t want to take a loss on your sale only to find out the next day that someone would have payed more.

Take time to proofread your ad and make sure that you categorize it correctly. New websites like www.craigslist.org and www.olx.com allow users to create and post their own classifieds for free, but it’s on you to make sure that everything is correctly typed and tagged. Include relevant keywords that will come up in searches. Title your ad descriptively so that it will be eye-catching, but avoid typing anything in all capital letters. Include pictures if possible, especially if you’re making a sale. Ads without pictures are most often ignored. If you’ve followed these guidelines for effective classified writing, you should be receiving responses in no time.