It’s not easy to find a way to entertain kids since there is so much competition for their attention. They’re busy on the internet, playing video games, and learning about technology faster than you are. And if you happen to have a busy schedule, it’s difficult to find an activity everyone can enjoy together. The answer to this problem might lie in the past rather than some new gadget or gizmo. A hobby made popular in the 80s could be the key to finding a perfect way for your kids to play. Singing Machine is a company with several excellent models in their line of home karaoke equipment. The SML 383 happens to be one of their least expensive, but it’s also one of the best. Here’s why it might be the perfect purchase for your kids that will ultimately bring the whole family together.

Price – you really can’t beat $50 for a home karaoke machine. And remember, this is something that will likely be used for several years to come. In comparison, if you take your family of four out to the movies and a simple dinner, it could cost you as much as $100 for the night. The SML 383 on the other hand costs far less and gives you continual fun with every opportunity to build your music collection.

Easy to Use – when you’re looking for a system for kids, it’s important that the model is user-friendly. There are some fancier machines (that cost a lot more) that even adults can’t figure out how to use. Ideally, you want something that kids can learn to use so that you can leave them unsupervised without having to worry. The SML 383 is a perfect example of a plug-and-play model with easy operation. In this case, a lack of dozens of features is actually a good thing because you can concentrate on what’s most important – playing CDs and singing.

Perfect for Parties – karaoke is fun individually or in a small group, but it really comes to life for parties. Although the SML 383 is a smaller model, it has no problem filling up a room with quality sound. There is also a lyric display using CDG technology, or you can connect it to a larger display. With the included connector cables, you can hook the SML 383 two a big-screen TV for the ultimate experience your kids will love.

Fun Factor – expensive machines might have more features and functions, but they can also be intimidating. Sometimes people buy them with the best of intentions, but they end up getting stored in the garage or left in the attic. There is a certain intangible element that is necessary: the fun factor. The SML 383 is simply a blast, and the no-nonsense approach means you get plug-and-play fun whenever you want. It’s portable enough to take to a best friend’s house, and you can easily accommodate two microphones for duets and party singing.

Overall – for basic needs and beginner singers, there is no better model out there. The low price point gives you a chance to save some money or spend it on karaoke CDs. You’ll find that with solid sound that highlights or vocals, all of your favorite songs will come to life. Being able to build up a larger music collection is often far more important than buying the fanciest karaoke machine anyways. And from a parent’s point of view, this is totally something that you can use with your own friends once your kids have gone to sleep. Overall, such a great value and lots of fun – the SML 383 is a karaoke winner.

Kids and karaoke blend so well because children are less inhibited than adults who are worried about being embarrassed. This article comes from the where you can find a great karaoke machine for your children to enjoy.