You chose a college that you absolutely love and are already contemplating how your favorite courses can evolve into your major choice, and eventually head you towards a career that you can be passionate about. But you still have prerequisites to cover, those classes you are forced to take due to scheduling conflicts, or subjects even within your major that you struggle with. Any or all of these situations could lead to you sitting in a room full of students realizing you hate absolutely everything about that class. It’s bound to happen. Math majors still have to take writing courses as part of a liberal arts education, and journalism students might stumble into an incredibly complicated science class they thought would be a cakewalk of a prerequisite fulfillment. Now you’re stuck with it. So how do you get through this college course that you detest without losing your mind or getting kicked out of school?

The first option is probably the most difficult, but it’s also the most rewarding in the end. Approach the class from a place of intellectual curiosity. Not all learning situations are designed for your joy. There is something to be said for pushing through it, simply because you are given the opportunity and as a way to train your brain for further education. You have no idea when a random statement by your professor or paragraph in a textbook can plant the seed of a million dollar idea in your actual field of interest. So keep an open mind, and don’t discount the value of pressing onwards even when you don’t want to.

Of course, that will only get you so far, and if the professor is boring, the book is basically incomprehensible and you’ve exhausted every other possible way to motivate yourself, make some friends. After all, the subject matter isn’t the only reason to go to class. Find a group of people you connect with and sit with them. It will definitely make for a more entertaining class. If at all possible, also try to find people that are actually inspired by this class you detest. There’s a chance that enthusiasm will rub off on you, or perhaps they’ll just help you struggle through with a little less pain.

You should also take the time to try and change the context of the class. Remember, your first impression is not always the lasting one. Don’t just dismiss the material or the professor in the first two weeks of class and then check out. There may be more going on there that you would never discover if you don’t stick with things. Not all professors are amazing teachers, but perhaps they are interesting in some other way? Maybe they have some incredible life experiences, or are renowned in their field. Look for other reasons to be interested in what’s going on, and you may very well find one.

Finally, remember to appreciate every moment of college, because it doesn’t last forever. In fact, you’re lucky to be at college at all. There are thousands of students who wish they could be there, but don’t have the money or the access. So bite the bullet, because sitting through a terrible class is far better than that alternative. Even earning the best online international business degree is nowhere near the experience of full-time college. And who knows? Maybe this terrible class will lead to a hilarious story you can break out on first dates for years to come. So stow the attitude, grin and bear it. Remember, you’re paying a lot of money to be there.