Sexy Costumes for Mardi Gras and Halloween!

Just when you think you’ve outgrown your need for costumes, occasions arise where you’d need to come in one. All throughout the year, costumes are pulled out for some form of celebration. It is a chance to step out of your ordinary lives and pretend to be someone or something else. It is a chance to bring out that aspect of yourself that is so radically different from who you are in reality. Putting on a costume is a welcome change from what can be prosaic lives.

If we look for opportunities to wear costumes we will certainly find holidays that require us to wear costumes, and sexy costumes at that!

Mardi Gras

Carnival in New Orleans starts on January 6, the day when The 3 Kings are supposed to have paid respects to the newborn Jesus Christ. On this day, merriment in New Orleans starts, and it only escalates as Mardi Gras approaches. Mardi Gras can occur from February 3 to March 9, and in the days before Mardi Gras there can be more than 50 parades and literally hundreds of private parties, costume parties and masked balls! Which means you’ll have countless opportunities to wear a costume to every ball and party and transform into a fabulous historical figure or fantastic creature.

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Mardi Gras costumes are usually more revealing, especially when we’re talking of the boisterous parades that fill every nook and cranny of Mardi Gras season from morning till night. For ladies, this is a time for them to step out of their starched office uniforms and explore their more sensuous side. Slipping on a sexy costume in a recognized celebration gives ladies the opportunity to show off well-toned abs, trim arms, and toned legs. The costumes worn in the USA are even more toned down than those in Rio de Janeiro where they celebrate the Carnival (during Mardi Gras) in a big way!


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Revealing beaded costumes, feathers, sequins, glitter, and loads of color liven up a Carnival parade in Rio. This time of the year, there is no limit to what the “Fluminense” (as the people born in Rio are called) will wear in celebration of the yearly Carnival during Mardi Gras season.


Halloween is another holiday that encourages the use of costumes. This time around the costume theme is darker. Halloween (which occurs on the 31st of October) is hinged on the supernatural so the costumes are more ominous, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be sexy. What can be sexier than a naughty witch or a seductive vampire? As you know, nothing can be more enchanting than sexiness laced with a bit of danger.


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Witch costumes for Halloween are extremely popular with women because it brings out ‘witchy’ attitudes that they keep carefully hidden, and slipping on the costume taps into that side that is encouraged to come out once a year. And remember, we’re talking of cute witches here; we’re not talking of “hags”.