We sometimes tend to take things lightly and our “doesn’t matter” approach makes things complicated in the long run. Most of us suffer from car fluid leakage issues but we hardly take note of this. But if immediate action is not taken, sooner or later a huge bill of repair awaits you.

Leaking of fluid in cars is a recurrent problem and needs to be identified and tackled at the earliest to avoid damage to the vehicle. If you mostly park your car in the same place then you can view the spot of oils otherwise the leaks go undetected. Don’t assume that until your car is working, no need to worry about the leakage as this will haunt you in unexpected time.

There are few basic fluids that keep your vehicle fit and strong. Oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and radiant coolant are some of those fluids with which a car is equipped. You can identify the liquid from its color.

Radiant coolant is bright green in color but if unchanged for 5600 kms it might transform into light or medium brown color which is tough to identify.

Power steering and transmission fluid is red in appearance and if too much is pour out it is sure to affect handling of the car and the leaking is an alarm to lookout for a mechanic soon before car becomes non-operable.

If the holding tank is filled too much, then windshield wiper fluid might leak which may be of any color from green, pink, yellow to orange.

Brake oil can be easily detected as it is clear oily fluid or it can be of yellow or brown color. The wheels are the best indicators of brake oil, if found on them. A problem in the master cylinder, most probably, might be the cause of the leakage. If ignored for long, brake oil leakage can cause severe damage to the vehicle.

Out of these oils, only the windshield fluid is the one that can be overlooked while every other fluid has the potential to harm your car drive. So, next time you see a leakage, try to identify it and consult a professional to avoid huge repair cost.

Ignoring the leakage of fluids from your vehicle may prove really damaging as these are essential for the sound health of your car. If you don’t check them on a regular basis, your car may even stop working some day and you’ll then be spending hefty amounts on getting your beloved vehicle back to work.

Now, this shouldn’t be a very difficult task for you to undergo, simply keep checking how the fluids of your car are doing on a regular basis and keep it working well for really long!

Irfan has worked in the Automobile industry. He uses his knowledge to tell readers about cars and all related things. He has written various articles on car, several of them are on car maintenance tips.