No one wants the flu or a cold and there are thousands of myths about how each comes about. Whether these myths were born from old wives’ tales or are outdated, it doesn’t matter – the myths still live on as facts. However, a better knowledge of these myths may be just want you need to prevent colds and the flu. Here are just a few cold and flu myths you should know about.

Flu Shots Give You the Flu

This myth has been taken as fact for many decades and continues to be a highly believed myth. However, what people don’t realize is that flu vaccines are made with a dead virus. This means that the virus cannot make you ill, yet people still believe that the vaccine is the cause of their illness after receiving the vaccine. The fact is that the side effects of the vaccine are similar to those of the flu, but are not the flu virus.

Allergies Go Away in the Winter

Another common myth is that every sneeze and cough in the winter has to be cold because allergies are only a problem during the warmer months. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, your home may become more of an allergen nightmare because it is closed up throughout the winter. This means that mold and other allergens may build up in the home and cause a reaction.

Those Suffering From the Flu Need Antibiotics

Our country was once overrun by doctors prescribing antibiotics for every ailment. The flu is just one case where antibiotics will not work. Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections and the flu virus is not caused by bacteria.

Wet Hair Causes a Cold

An old wives’ tale is that going outside in the cold with wet hair will cause you to get sick. But, the truth is the temperature doesn’t matter. You cannot catch a cold from the cold. The only way you’ll catch a cold is by coming in contact with the virus.

Hand Sanitizer Will Prevent Colds

Last, but not least, scientists are finding that hand-to-hand transfer of the cold virus isn’t as big of a factor as once thought. This means that washing your hands and using hand sanitizer will more than likely not protect you from the virus.

There are a number of cold and flu myths, but do your research to find out if they are based in fact or if they are more fiction than truth.

About the Author: Kelsie Delatorre has 5 children and knows what it is like to combat unsolicited advice during cold and flu season – especially if that advice is myth-based. When she’s not running her kids around, Kelsie enjoys relaxing with a cup of Oolong tea from