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Most people would love to have a normal skin type that has a comfortable balance of moisture and oil.  Fortunately, for those who do not, there are a whole range of skin-care products that can help remedy their particular ailment.  Whether your skin is dry, oily, or both, the cosmetics industry likely has a product that can help.  These products allow people to maintain a level of comfort and cleanliness that might otherwise be unavailable to them.  However, it is worth noting that stronger and more complex products, like acne treatments, potentially do more harm than good.

Acne can make people of all ages feel self-conscious and embarrassed.  It can even cause permanent damage to your skin.  Thinking about it just in this way might lead someone to the conclusion that they should try anything to deal with it.  However, using any skin-care product that is not suited to the particular condition of your skin could irritate or inflame it.  Even worse is the fact that the product may not have been suitable for anyone to begin with, as in the case with Accutane in 2009.  In other words, there a few things to keep in mind when looking for a quick fix to a skin condition like acne:

  • Do your research.  Most treatments are tailored to help specific skin conditions, and you don’t accidentally want to worsen any condition you might have.
  • Stay up to date on studies involving the product you are using.  The potential for harmful effects are not always fully known, especially after their patents have run out and generics have entered the market.
  • When in doubt, seek the advice of a trusted medical professional.  Doctors’ livelihoods depend on staying up-to-date on current medical new and knowledge, and they likely can answer any questions you may have (or point you to someone who does).

There is an inherent relationship between companies and consumers, namely, that the products that companies are putting out will not cause us harm.  Unfortunately, some companies do not take the time for certain precautions, such as extended case studies which examine a product’s long term effects on patients.  Don’t let yourself fall victim to a sub-par skin-care product and use your available resources to become a proactive, informed consumer.

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