If you are the manager of a warehouse, then you probably work with a crew of diverse employees on whom you depend to make your company succeed. But managing a workforce can be an overwhelming and stressful job duty, and that is why from time to time you need the help of professional warehouse consulting. A warehouse consultant can visit your work site, assess the conditions and the work flow, watch interactions between managers and workers, and make recommendations to improve overall work experience for everyone involved. Management holds a great deal of power in a warehouse, and that is why it is important that managers do not abused that power.

If you are a manager of a warehouse, then you can increase warehouse worker productivity in these five healthy ways. Follow our guide of quick tips for managers to make your workers happy and to let them know you respect them for their hard work on behalf of the company. You will see big returns when you begin treating your employees with respect and rewarding them for achieving specific company goals.

Here are the top five ways to increase warehouse worker productivity:

TIP #1: Communicate Clearly

Every company has set regulations for how work is to be conducted. But you cannot expect your employees to comply with company rules if they do not know them. That’s why as the manager you need to communicate clearly with your work force. Everyone needs boundaries, and the rules that your warehouse puts forth are designed to keep the employees safe and to keep them on task. When your workers know what is expected of them, they will respect you and know what kinds of goals they need to work toward in order to become excellent employees and to avoid getting penalized. Simply communicate clearly and with a friendly demeanor to your employees. Rules go a long way when they are delivered with respect.

TIP #2: Treat Your Employees with Respect

Always treat your employees with respect. They are going to return the respect when they feel like you are treating them like the human being that they are. Everyone deserves to be treated respectfully, and just because managers hold leadership positions does not mean they get to do whatever they want. Rather, as a manager one of your greatest duties is to model what it looks like to honor and value the humanity of your workforce.

TIP #3: Provide Updated Tools

The bottom line is that if you want to run an efficient warehouse, then you need the right equipment. Make sure your tools and equipment for your specific warehouse aims are updated and safe. Make sure all of your employees are highly trained and know exactly what they are going when they use specific tools and equipment.

TIP #4: Reward Employees

If you want to motivate workers to achieve new levels of productivity, you need to provide incentives for achieving company goals. Every good manager rewards workers for hard work and going above and beyond the call of duty. Find ways to reward your workers, either through verbal affirmation or actual gifts part of an employee incentive program.

TIP #5: Keep it Cool

If you want workers in your warehouse to work quickly and efficiently, then you need a warehouse that has good air conditioning. This not only makes your warehouse a safe place to work, but it makes it easier for your workers to breathe and to work. Provide access to lots of cool water, in addition.