There are so many cool ways you can use an online stopwatch. It can improve your cookery skills, teaching effectiveness, sporting prowess and your productivity in all kinds of spheres. Procrastination on the internet can also be eliminated forevermore with a handy online stopwatch.

There is nothing more accurate than an online stopwatch. It is not subject to flaky batteries or your memory lapsing, forgetting when you started counting. It begins at zero at every new period you desire to record. It is so convenient.

Time Is Precious

Time is a precious gift, and yet so many of us spend it thoughtlessly. How much time do you spend checking your emails and personal messages each day? Stopwatches can provide you with an answer. Whether you are ready to face the truth is another matter entirely.

In The Kitchen

If you are a whizz in the kitchen, you may wish to time your experiments in order to gage the perfect cooking length. Cakes and pastries require a precise spell in the oven. Therefore this is especially useful while baking.

In The Classroom

If you are a teacher, use a stopwatch while practicing speed reading, work against the clock math challenges and other educational games. Projecting a huge stopwatch onto the board adds an element of excitement for the children. They tend to get more involved if there is something to speed up their heart rates. Anything that encourages them to stop picking their noses has got to be a good thing.

Interval training is the combination of high and low intensity exercise. It can become a precise undertaking with an online clock. Simply plan out your timing in advance and stick to it meticulously.

At Work

When it comes to work, many of us are very proficient at time wasting, we spend our time ineffectively and procrastinate in all kinds of creative manners. You can increase your productivity using an online stopwatch.

Time how long you work for. Stop the clock each time you take a break. This way you will keep yourself on track rather than wile it away on the net. Remember, time is money.

You may also be able to increase the individual chunks of time you spend working. Quality sites allow you to document and name each period you have recorded. Keeping track of them means you may take fewer breaks and thus work more.

Alternatively you can focus on the productivity of the time spent working. Work to decrease the amount of time spent completing certain tasks. This will help you to hone your working practices and decrease the length of time you spend on your tasks.

Bring up another clock to record time wastage. Turn it on every time you use the internet for non work related tasks and keep a log of how much time you spend online each day. You will probably be shocked and reduce it immediately. Think of all the delightful things you could be doing with your minutes instead.

These cool ways you can use an online stopwatch should keep you busy. It should also keep your urge to procrastinate at a minimum. Once you have learned to stop dragging your feet when it comes to those important tasks, spread the joy, your secret of a life well lived, to all those around you. is one of the internet’s premier websites for online stopwatches and countdown timers. Visit the Online Clock website to find a myriad of different free time tools. All of them are free to use and require nothing to download or install: you simply use them directly in your web browser.