With a variety of different jump spots and zones throughout the world, it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide where your next jump will take place.  Finding that unique view or vantage point can make the difference between a good skydiving experience and a phenomenal one.  In our search across the continents, we have selected five unique and insane skydiving destinations and compiled them into this list for you to consider in your future journeys.

Swiss Alps

Taking the plunge in the Swiss Alps is an extraordinary journey and will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.  The dive requires you to be fully geared up in winter clothing when jumping and with good reason: you are jumping into the Swiss Alps.  As you descend, you will be privileged to breathtaking views of glacier-encrusted mountains, snow-capped peaks that gradually recede in the summer months and a full-on view of the city of Interlaken.  Skydive Interlaken in the main provider of skydiving events in the area and is well-known for having a professional and friendly attitude.

Kamchatka Peninsula

In the far-eastern fringes of Russia, there is a skydiving thrill that many do not venture out this far to experience.  The main tour company in the area offers an exhilarating option of skydiving directly over an active volcano, Mutnovsky.  While the area is active with volcanic activity, it will be more likely to see ice flows and glaciers within the caldera than an active presence of lava.  Nevertheless, this dive is one that cannot be replicated in many other places and for that reason, it makes the list.

Eastern Australia

If you want expansive views of sky, sea and land alike, then head down to the eastern tip of Australia.  When you make the jump from one of the tours offered in the area, you may catch a glimpse of a large national forest bordering the pristine water or the view of the more rural settings off of the coast.  Some tour companies offer jumps that allow you to see the Great Barrier Reef.  From Sydney to Queensland, you will find a plethora of jump zones from which to enjoy the awesome beauty of the Australian atmosphere.


If you really want to get away from it all and see the world in peace from far above, then Guam offers you a unique opportunity to do just that.  Just imagine seeing from coast to coast across this large island as you make your descent, falling through the clouds that dot the hills and cities below.  The premier skydiving team in the area, Skydive Guam, offers the best jumps in the area and has teams that work with skydivers from all over the world.

New Zealand

Perhaps one of the most popular and diverse jumping zones in the world, New Zealand offers something for everybody.  The “hub” of skydiving in the country, Taupo, has plenty of guides and companies that will give you the experience not only locally, but can also arrange trips to distant areas within the country for more isolated jumps.  The beauty of the mountains, hills, cliffs and seas cannot be matched.

Laura Ginn writes for Extreme Sports X, an extreme sports magazine that is growing by the day!  You can read more about skydiving by visiting the magazine and also follow her on Twitter @ExtremeSports_X