All car enthusiasts who love their vehicles will want to know how to clean a car engine. Many people take great pride in their cars, and therefore having it shiny new at all times is paramount. Before you decide to do this, however, you need to know the proper method. This way, you can avoid doing damage to the engine.

There are many delicate components located under the hood. These are not designed to get wet. Therefore you need to know how to clean the actual engine in the correct manner. This could mean the difference between a smooth running car, or an expensive repair.

Step One: Getting Rid of Dust

One of the main problems when cleaning your car’s engine is getting rid of the fine dust layer that normally coats all surfaces beneath the hood. In order to get rid of the dirt and prevent it from being pushed further into the motor, a shop vac and brush can be used. This way, you can suck up as much dust as possible.

This is of course one of the more difficult steps. In order to get rid of the remaining dust, dampen a rag with all purpose cleaner. Now, gently wipe the motor’s surfaces after making sure the engine is cool.

Step Two: Getting Rid of Grease

Trucks for sale in Oklahoma will often have seemingly brand new, sparkling engines. This is mainly because the dealers take extra care when it comes to getting rid of grease. For this, you will need a degreaser.

There are special kinds of degreaser out there which have been designed for the car’s engine. A degreaser is usually strong enough to get through the thick grease which builds up on the motor, without damaging the delicate parts.

Make sure to spray the degreaser thoroughly, and then wait. A good degreaser usually does all of the work for you, so all you really need to do is sit back and allow it to finish.

Wait for about ten minutes. Using a low pressure hose, you can then rinse the degreaser off the motor itself. It is important not to use high pressure, however. Try to avoid spraying electronic components directly.

Step Three: Steam Clean the Engine

When you go shopping for used cars Oklahoma, many dealers will usually steam clean in order to remove dirt which is difficult to get rid of using other techniques.

All that is needed for this will be a steam gun. This part is normally skipped when people try to clean their engines, but it usually delivers some of the best possible results. You need to turn the steam on full blast first. Carefully work your way around the affected areas, but use quick blasts of the steam. With a Chrysler Oklahoma, winds can normally put dirt into the smaller crevices of the actual motor. Make sure to take the time to look after these.

It can take some time to perfect this process. There is no one correct method, and it depends entirely on the type of car you have. Always make sure to be careful and try not to damage the engine when you are cleaning your vehicle.

Writer Matt works with David Stanley Dodge, the source for used cars Oklahoma drivers trust.