Meditation and spirituality have their own significance and meanings to different people in the world. Spirituality concerns with the deepest realization of the life’s experiences in the form of love, peace, family, work or creativity. These are the kind of feelings felt by the body to its deepest levels called as spiritual happenings or experiences. Whereas, meditation involves the training of a human brain in following the path of detachment and knowing the inner self. Meditation is a way of relaxation of the body and the soul. It is a form of rejuvenation, an eternal experience which makes us fresh, happy, content, peaceful and relaxed.

Meditation is not only required by people who are free and have retired, but it is more essential for people who are too engrossed in their lives and do not have time to hold and cherish their lives. It is necessary for work alcoholics and fanatics who are losing their brains on a daily basis. Meditation doesn’t require an individual to be religious and pray endlessly. It only requires dedication, a calm place and undisturbed time.

How to Meditate?

Initially when people start the practice of meditation, they get frustrated and feel the lack of experience. You do not need too many things to start practicing meditation. There is no restriction as per the sitting method, just select a comfortable chair or a mat where you can maintain a good posture. The room or the area should be free from distraction. You should not be hungry and either complete your chores first or don’t worry about them.

Start by sitting in a comfortable posture with your back erect and concentrate on the breathing pattern by keeping the eyes closed. Try to concentrate on the breathing keeping your other body parts calm. You may feel an inability to focus, but take it as a training program in which eventually you will become a master. Some people also follow the path of reciting a “mantra”, which is again a method of improving concentration levels. This is a way of meditating through prayer. It gives you an immense capability to focus on one point keeping other things constant.

Once the brain has become efficient in focusing, start detaching the object of focus from your brain.  This might not be as easy as it sounds, but constant practice will enable the brain to keep itself blank. This is when the brain starts meditating and all the parts of the body relax. Meditation is an art and it needs to be practiced to become efficient in it. It might take a while but slowly the brain will adapt to the process.

Benefits Of Meditation

PEACE AND HAPPINESS: Meditation enriches our soul and brings inner peace. It makes us attain bliss in our lives by creating happiness. When we meditate we gain a feeling of oneness and it helps us gain confidence and reach the stage of tranquility. This is a state of placidity where we dive into the ocean of calmness.

  • PHYSICAL HEALTH BENEFITS: Meditation has scientifically proven health benefits. It helps in controlling various medical and lifestyle disorders. It helps in changing a person’s mental attitude towards a specific problem and helps in maintaining an ecological balance. It helps in relaxation of the body which protects the heart against various diseases and hypertension. It helps in reducing the anxiety and muscle tension in a body. Very helpful for women in per-menstrual syndrome and post operative recoveries. It helps in boosting the immunity levels and protects the body against infections and allergies.
  • MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS: Meditation elevates the serotonin levels in the body which are responsible for affecting the mood swings. It helps in treating depression, insomnia and migraine related problems. Meditation has a direct cure link with neurological diseases. Spiritual experiences and meditation provide nutrition to various components of the brain, hence making it healthy and free from ailments.
  • SPIRITUAL HEALTH BENEFITS: Meditation helps in making people capable of identifying own self. Many people are living their lives and do not realize their importance in the society. When we meditate, we devote time to ourselves which makes us realize our true worth. It helps in ripping the layers and going deep beneath to know ‘who we are’. Meditation also helps in fighting with the fears and phobias which we keep holding on to.
  • CREATIVITY: Meditation has proven benefits in bringing clarity and creativity. It helps in releasing paradoxes and helps in better decision making and control of the situations. Inner creativity rises when the brain starts comprehending in a better manner with clarity and the self-intuitive moments increase. This leads to a higher level of intelligent intuition.

Spiritual experiences and healing come with the presence of God and our strong beliefs making the impossible things happen. Our subconscious mind has more powers than we actually know. So, feel the benefits by bringing the active brain, the subconscious brain and the physical body in complete synchronization.

The article is a contribution by Jefferey Morgan, Jefferey believes more in spirituality than meditation though he does not take meditation on the inferior side, and he is also a fitness freak with great knowledge of ways that help to people to stay fit, visit his site to know more.