The concept of guerrilla marketing generally revolves around any form of promotional activities which rely mainly on time and effort without spending a lot of funds. It is one great means of showcasing your business to several prospects in the most unconventional tactics possible. Guerrilla marketing is in fact being implemented by a lot of huge businesses nowadays for promoting their own business and gaining an increase number of clients, thus maximizing their earning potentials.

In guerrilla marketing, their is no need to spend tons of budget just to grab the attention of the many. This will enable your small business to compete with the larger brands and even reach your desired market in the quickest way possible. It takes a creative mind and effective marketing strategies to promote your business through guerrilla marketing. These factors paired with extensive efforts and actions will surely give your small business a boost. If you want to consider such method for your business, below are some of the most effective strategies to get you started.

1. Give away free custom-made business cards to your clients

Custom-made business cards are one of the most effective guerrilla marketing strategies. You can actually create your business cards from anything and embed several creative designs and messages which relate to your own industry. In fact, you don’t need to hire a designer just to create the design you want just as long as you make a smart move and put in some designs which could make your clients laugh or even impressed. And once they do, they will remember you and your business for sure.

You can start the process by simple posting your custom-made business cards within community college bulletin boards, in the book store or even on top of mailboxes. Always make sure that you include the name of your business along with your company information including your business website, contact numbers and email address.

2. Organize contests for your business

Contests are another great means of calling the attention of your customers and keep them coming back for more. In fact, it is one great way of getting more eyes towards your website just as long as you don’t forget to offer your products and/or services for free as the prize. You can then spread the word about the event through your social media networks and pinning an announcement within your own website.

3. Hand out creative promotional items for free

There are several creative promotional items which you could incorporate in your strategy for gaining an even wider range of business prospects. By being creative, it would mean that you have to think outside the box and determine which items could offer the best benefits for your existing and future clients.

For example, you could hand out some sticky notes or free coffe mugs with a logo of your company and any other essential information such as your website address and email. This will not only cost you a small budget but will also provide your business with a greater visibility offline.

4. Make use of the web browser trick

Gain more traffic to your website by simply gaining access to the public computers within your school library or any nearby internet cafe. The trick works out by simply setting the default browser homepage to your own website. This will tend to redirect any computer user who gains access to the internet directly to your website whenever they open the browser available. However, the main problem lies mainly in tetchy computer owners or even those computers which have been installed with the DeepFreeze program.

5. Wear your brand out of your sleeves

And by this I mean tshirt marketing. Start out by simply designing your own tshirts with your website logo and URL printed on them. In fact, this has been proven to be one of the oldest guerrilla marketing strategies ever formulated and one of the most successful as well. By handing them over to your neighbours and even wearing one yourself, you could be able to create a walking ad for your business thus bringing in more potential customers.

The method of guerrilla marketing isn’t just another stunt but rather a marketing method which truly packs a punch. The only difference with this from other marketing methods is the fact that it only costs less but yields in massive instantaneous effects towards any business big or small. If you are really serious about guerrilla marketing, the best advice is to be intuitive, creative and be consistent with your efforts.


This article was written by the guys at the invoice software company They enjoy nothing more than a light spot of development, followed by trying out new guerilla marketing techniques.