The world of SEO has been the biggest boost to people all over the globe looking to build a business since the invention of commerce. Never before has it been possible for literally anyone with a dream, a laptop, and an internet connection to build a global business from scratch in as little as a few minutes. A worldwide business empire can be constructed inside of a year, and most of that have to do with the fact that companies like Google have made it easier and easier to get the kind of targeted traffic you need to your websites for as close to nothing as humanly possible.

But there is a bit of a double edged sword here – and while most of us online businesses were riding high on the SEO wagon just a few short months ago, the truth of the matter is that the ugly side of the SEO landscape has been exposed with the Panda and Penguin changes. These two major changes (and so many smaller ones) have shaken the SEO world to its very core, and exposed a fundamental truth that savvy business owners have known forever – you never put all of your eggs in a single basket.

Most people are running with a single source of traffic, and just waiting to get shut down

The old way of doing SEO involved a million and one different tricks, tools, and tactics to boost your rankings (either legally or illegally) in major engines like Google. And once we figured out the fundamentals to gaming the system, it was possible to bring up a site from pure obscurity and turn it into essentially an online printing press – we could make so much money from almost no work that it was scary. But those were the Wild West days of the internet, dead and gone for some time. Google and others understood that we had found the hot buttons to push to boost our rankings, and in their own best interest they began a process of shifting and changing the ranking systems at times that only they knew – with changes that only they were aware of. This has caused a dynamic shift in the culture of SEO, where what are SEO fundamentals today could be the worst things you could ever do to your site tomorrow – what once caused dramatic rises in the rankings could kill your site in the blink of an eye while just punching up a couple of lines of code.

It’s no longer safe to rely on a single source of traffic, even in something as fundamental to the web as SEO. Social media marketing and other traffic sources need to be pursued in at least a secondary capacity, to make sure that you are safe from a Google slap in the future. The old SEO world is dying – you need to be able to leverage all of the different traffic sources to stay relevant online today.

Joel Mayer is a professional writer from Australia. She loves sharing her Search Engine Optimisation Tips for