Unless you have been living in a cave or deep inside the forests for the past few years, you must be one of the 68 million Canadian credit cards owners identified by the Canadian Bankers Association (2009). Credit cards allow us to enjoy shopping more than ever. However, there are some downsides to them. First, the marketplace is huge and the competition is so fierce that it can get confusing. This is when handy websites such as Ratesupermarket are needed to help us compare and make a decision.


Also, no matter how much freedom we feel credit cards give us, we aren’t that free are we? “Back in the day”, as the 12 year old wannabe rappers in my street would say (really…12 years old…what do you know about the past?), credit cards were reserved for successful businessmen or successful individuals in general. Nowadays, pretty much everyone can get one. And the possibilities involved in possessing a credit card can make some people anxious, and ready to get those famous scissors to cut it and stop spending.

If you are like Rachel from Friends, willing or needing to cut your card, just stop! Put those scissors down and use your credit card wisely as illustrated below :)


1. As a bookmark:

You just realised your bus stop is there and, of course, you cannot find your bookmark? Don’t panic, use your credit card.

2. As a coaster:


You just opened a nice and bubbly drink at a friend’s house, after shaking it of course… and realised that you cannot let a single drip land on her table? Your credit card is here to save your friendship.

3. As festival sunglasses:


ratesupermarket sunglasses


Yes, it is possible to go to a sunny festival. It is not all about mud and unbelievably dirty toilets. But I hear all you packed was gear to face the rain? No problem, use your credit cards and enjoy your time. Don’t lose your friends, you might have trouble seeing properly…

4. As a luggage name tag:

ratesupermarket luggage tag

You arrived at the airport in a rush, and you won’t be accepted on board unless your bag has a name tag? Use you credit card, there is your name on it after all.

5. As a shoe horn:


ratesupermarket shoehorn


You were relaxing at work, your shoes off under you desk, when an unexpected client showed up for an improvised meeting? And now you cannot put those dam shoes back on because you didn’t untie your laces? Relaaaaax, use your credit card.

6. As a master ninja throwing star:

ratesupermarket ninja star

Stuck in an impromptu self-defence situation? Grab your credit cards, glue them together, aim well, run !! If you have a spare second beforehand, cut the corners with scissors for maximum effect on your opponent.

I hope you will be able to use these tips in the future, or not depending on the situation. Which on is your favourite? Do you know more alternatives to the cruel scissors option? Share your thoughts in the comments below or the ninja star might reach you :)