A cooing, gurgling baby makes everyone nearby smile. Adoring strangers are drawn to an infant’s tiny fingers, cute clothes and sweet demeanor. However, a happy baby can become distressed in an instant. The same baby can suddenly become frustrating because of its piercing cry. However, this is not the baby’s or the parent’s fault. Adults can change moods just as quickly as an infant when a baby cries because of subconscious responses. Understanding this phenomenon makes it easy for anyone to deal with a whining baby.

The Science Of Crying

While everyone willingly enjoys spending time with a friendly baby, a fussy child’s cries are like a siren song that draws people in. Katie Young recently conducted a studied that found that emotional centers in the brain are triggered when a baby cries. Whether a person knows the baby or not, instincts determine how humans process the sound.

How Parents Respond

Parents protective instincts go into overdrive when a baby cries. This is why it can be so difficult for new parents to leave a baby alone when it makes noises at night. The brain initiates something similar to the fight or flight response when a child cries, and parents are instantly ready to fight and protect their baby. Keeping babies engaged and happy is already difficult, but this can help keep everyone calm while in public. Ensure all food, toys, diapers and other supplies are packed when venturing outside. Plan out how long trips will take, and be back home before the baby becomes cranky. Dress the baby appropriately for any environment by keeping the baby’s head covered in sunlight and bundling the infant in warm clothing during winter weather.

Others Can Help

Family and friends can also entertain babies. Using warm smiles or friendly voices and showering a baby with love is pleasurable for both the baby and the person. Of course, sometimes keeping the parent happy is just as important as keeping the child happy. Those closest to the parents are a much needed support system that offers guidance and assistance. Whether helping with babysitting or indulging and buying fun gifts like infant tutu dresses or funky socks, friends and family can stop babies and parents from crying.

How Strangers Cope

Strangers are in an uncomfortable position when a baby cries. The reason babies seem annoying in enclosed places like airplanes is because the brain tunes into a baby’s shrieks and has trouble ignoring the sound. While the sound may be grating, it is not just the noise but the subconscious that is making a person anxious. Strangers who take a breath and relax will tolerate the cries better than those who glare and get frustrated.

A Happy Ending

The human brain is hardwired to answer a baby’s pleas. Choosing the correct response is the best way to handle a crying baby. Parents can be prepared, family and friends can offer support and strangers can stay calm. This helps put a smile back on everyone’s faces faster.

Image Credit: bbaunach