So, you need some more employees, eh? Good for you! That’s a clear indication that your business is growing and, especially in this economy, that’s always a good sign. The thing is, while the work that needs to be done may be plentiful, the company budget is a bit tighter. This means that you may be looking for a way to recruit some of the best and brightest employees even though you have to count your pennies in the process.

There are some tips that you can follow to accomplish the goal of hiring the best without spending the absolute most. We have enclosed five of those ideas for you below:

Use social media. Even some of the Fortune 500 companies are using Facebook and Twitter as a part of their recruitment strategies. This is because while the platforms are free, they have the capability to reach thousands of people at one time. So, if your company has a Facebook fan page or Twitter account, don’t hesitate to put your job posting(s) on both websites.

Create an ad on Craigslist. A lot of people looking for work have learned that Craigslist is a pretty reliable source. Under its “jobs” section, there are a wide variety of categories to choose from, and being that it’s updated daily, it tends to be a site that gets lots of traffic. You can write as little or as much as you want and the responses go directly to you.

Go with a referral. Many people “promote within” because they are already familiarized with the staff that they have. This saves both the money and time that it would take to recruit from the outside. Following along these same lines, do not hesitate to ask the staff to make referrals if they personally know someone who would be good for the position(s) that you have available. They can simply have the “person of interest” submit their resume and cover letter to you; this saves you having to hire a recruiting team to basically do this same thing for a fee.

Scroll through an online directory. Whether it’s LinkedIn, HirePulse directory or OnlineBizDirectory or a local one in your city, online business directories can connect you to all kinds of professionals in all kinds of fields. There’s a chance that the ones that you are eyeing may already be employed, but with the right pitch and package, you may be able to woo them to your company. Plus, this is another great way to network and get referrals to other prospective employees.

Use your own website. When people are made aware of your company and that you may be potentially hiring staff, a lot of them will automatically go to your website to get more information. That’s why it’s a good idea to have an “Employment” or “Jobs” link on your site. If you have positions available, you can put the description right there on your website. If you don’t, this is still a smart way to let individuals know that you’re always accepting resumes to keep on file. That way, when you do have a job that’s available you already have some potential people to interview. Brilliant.