Over the past few years increasing numbers of students are choosing to use essay writing companies to help them in their university assignments. Whether this is having a model answer created or submitting their own essay for expert proofreading and marking, students are using essay companies, independent from their own university, for educational support.pencil

There’s not a great amount of mystery about why some students would turn to an essay writing company for help. These companies can provide a great service, and ordering a model answer has helped many students improve their essays , give essay tips and reach their potential. As essay writing companies cater for all subjects areas, they have the ability to help nearly all students.

Most essay writing companies guarantee model answers to a specific standard, whether a 2:2, 2:1 or First. They use teams of qualified writers all in the possession of at least an undergraduate degree to write their model answers. Whether students feel a lack of support at university, or are just stuck about how to approach a particular essay question, for many, an essay company is the solution.

Why is the industry so controversial?

The main reason why the essay writing industry is controversial is that the model answers that are ordered by students can be misused by a minority. Nearly all essay companies insist that any model answer ordered by a student must be used as a guide only. It cannot be handed in directly as the student’s own piece of work, as this constitutes plagiarism. An honest essay company will refuse to sell a model answer to a student if they suspect that the work will be used in this way.

Importantly, if you think about it, it is doubtful that the majority of model answers from essay companies are handed in directly as a student’s own piece of work. Students approach essay writing companies in the first place for assistance in writing their essays and for them receiving a model answer is an important part of the writing process. It is used as a writing aid and helps develop a student’s own thoughts. Most students care more than you may think about what grade they receive, and the vast majority want to gain this for themselves. Using a model answer in the correct way allows them to do this and feel a sense of achievement.

There’s also more to essay companies than model answersessays

Another reason why essay companies attract controversy is that nearly all focus is placed on the misuse of model answers. But the essay industry helps students in many other ways. Many companies offer a proofreading and marking service, which checks over a student’s piece of work and gives them feedback and assurance of its quality. Some also offer essay planning services to help students work on an outline for an essay.

The world of education is changing

If you remember that essay companies are far more than just outputs for producing module answers and see them as a genuine form of assistance in education, they start to seem less controversial. Furthermore, as the delivery of university education migrates increasingly online, it will be increasingly operating within the same platform as essay writing companies. With the growth of other independent and online educational resources, such as independent podcast sites, university education is slowly getting to grips with how to deliver teaching in new forms. This may soon see a change in attitude towards online essay companies as universities also begin to conduct their teaching online.