Dining out is always a treat for food junkies—but if money isn’t at all an issue, then you might want to indulge yourself to a completely different culinary experience. You might just want to try eating at some of the most expensive restaurants in the world:

Aragawa – Tokyo

If you just happen to find yourself in the Shinbashi district in Tokyo, Japan, then dining at Aragawa is a definite must. This steak house is known all over the world for its beef, which is only served with mustard and pepper. In fact, Aragawa’s beef is so delicious that it is the solitary entrée served in the entire restaurant. This steak house works exclusively with just one farm and for good reason. Aragawa may just be the most expensive restaurant in the world. The average cost per person? $368.

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee – Paris

This modern French restaurant offers an upscale dining experience like no other. Caviar, boneless and free-range chicken, lamb giblets and a duck liver sauce are just some of the dishes you can look forward to. Be warned, however: Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee only seats 50. Here, dinner for one will cost you $231.

Gordon Ramsay – London

The Gordon Ramsay restaurant in London, England only has 13 tables, but that doesn’t stop diners from trying to get a table there. Sumptuous entrees such as pigeon and Cornish lamb are what make Gordon Ramsay accept table bookings two months in advance. Dinner for one at this restaurant will cost you $183.

Acquarello – Munich

Acquarello is an Italian restaurant with a Mediterranean flair. Their extensive menu incudes everything from pasta, fish and chicken to pigeon and veal. An average meal for one at Acquarello will cost you $125.

Alverto Ciarla – Rome

Diners flock to Alverto Ciarla to enjoy their delicious seven-course meals. This luxurious Italian restaurant offers an extensive selection of fresh seafood and hearty pastas. One can enjoy a unique dining experience at Alberto Ciarla for about $113.

Sushi Kaji – Toronto

Dine at Sushi Kaji and you’ll be enjoying fish shipped straight from Tokyo. The Japanese executive chef doesn’t store fish here—he serves it less than one day after it has been caught. Favorite dishes at Sushi Kaji include watermelon and strawberry soup, fried fluke, picked cucumber and barbecued eel. Dinner for one costs an average of $109.

Queue de Cheval Steak House – Montreal

This Candian restaurant is most widely known for serving corn-fed beef, dry aged 35 days prior to being prepared and served. If you’re hungry, order their weighty 24-ounce porterhouse and a bottle of Australian wine. The cost of a meal for one averages $85.

El Amparo – Madrid

El Amparo is sure to provide you with a lovely and dreamy dining experience. This converted carriage house is beautifully decorated, and serves Basque cuisine that is top-quality. Dinner for one at El Amparo costs approximately $70.

Whampoa Club – Shanghai

Dine on the river while overlooking the magnificent city lights. Whampoa Club serves delicious traditional Shanghai dishes with modern interpretations. Noteworthy items on the menu include crispy beef strips with orange peels and drunken chicken. Dinner for one here will cost you $63.

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