If you are tired of looking at your old white picket fence or shingle rooftop that looks exactly like your next door neighbor’s, then take a look at these homeowners, who dared to do the unexpected and create a home that is uniquely their own.

1. Poland’s Crooked House

It would probably take you a few minutes to get over the shock of seeing a house that is warped and bent out of normal proportions.

The crooked house of Poland has become a national tourist spot amongst the busy shopping district of Rezident in the town of Sopot. While it’s structural construction is no different from its neighboring buildings, its unique design gives it an almost melting look.

This famed creation from the ingenuous mind of Szotynscy Zaleski was actually drawn from Jan Marcin Szancer’s colorful and unreal book illustrations.

2. New York’s Ping Pong House

The brainchild of respected design firm Snarkitecture, this 90 square meter pad is also known as the “Box Box project”, because every inch or box in this apartment is decorated by 25,000 ping pong balls.

Owner Daniel Arsham prides himself on having one of the most distinctive and creative homes anywhere in the Big Apple. At first glance, its walls seem to look like pixilated panels that change from gray to white. A closer look, however, reveals that what appears as digital designs are actually intricately placed ping pong balls. To make it stand out, the loft is minimally designed with a few bare essentials.

Apart from saving on roughly 50 bucks per square feet, the ping pong balls also give the space a boost in aesthetic appeal.

3. Russia’s Ark of Nikolayev

Noah’s ark is perhaps one of the most iconic man made creations, and for the Russian homeowner Nikolay Orkehov, this biblical work of art has become his ultimate home fantasy come true.

Measuring roughly 9 meters in width and 14 meters in length, the Ark of Nikolayev is composed of three floors that house a bathroom with a sauna, functional kitchen, two bedrooms, a nursery, and a greenhouse on its topmost floor. Working on his ark-inspired home, Nikolay Orekhov spent a year’s worth of hard work and patience in molding his home to resemble that of the ancient wooden ship, hoping that one day it would save him from life threatening floods brought about by climate change.

4. Austria’s Auto Residence

Perhaps one of the wackiest looking homes made in recent history, the Voglereiter auto residence resembles an old Volkswagen Beetle, yet provides a comfortable living space for his growing family.

Designed by Markus Voglereiter, this car-inspired home boasts of two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and a heating and insulation system to keep his entire family warm and comfortable.

Owed to its one of a kind design, this auto/home has become a local tourist attraction in this suburban neighborhood.

From the hustle and bustle of New York to the historical country of Russia, a number of designers and builders have gone to the extremes when it comes to making their homes truly one of a kind.